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The world of Demon Slayer


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So this is my first time writing a fan-fiction so it's probably going to suck but please read. I don't own demon slayer and this is going to be just plain weird If anyone has any ideas for where the main character goes next with her ability, comment. Ivy is a normal 17 year old who loves anime. One day she is walking home with her friend when they are attacked. The attacker pulls out a gun to shoot her friend, but Ivy jumps into the way taking the shot. She's dying and she passes out. with in her mind a voice speaks to her and gives her a power, a power that allows her to travel to different worlds. Now she is in one of her favorite animes, Demon Slayer, and she's planing to make some changes. What's going to happen to her and the characters in the anime? Find out now. (This May Contain Spoilers) (Might Cuss a little too)


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