1 Chapter 1: A wolf in sheep's clothes


There's always two sides, two sides in every story. Good, Evil, Hunter, Prey, Human, Monster. Most people say it's your own choice and yes I somewhat agree, but it sometimes isn't. You never know how your life will turn out. It can change in a matter of seconds. You can try predicting it, but you can't prevent it.

Chapter 1

I was running for my life. Trying to escape, knowing if I didn't I would never be free. I kept tripping on wet brush and getting entangled in sharp thorns as thunder and lighting rang in the distance. Breathing heavily I ran faster through hearing the blood thirsty dogs barking madly with anticipation for an easy kill. Their owners not far behind. I look behind me hearing a gun fire. I felt the sharp pain in my shoulder, as the rain finally started pouring heavily. The bullet took my breath away, as I fell to the muddy ground. Blood splattered the brush behind me and it pooled around my body. I give one last look at the cold world, feeling my energy slip away. I close my eyes letting one last tear slip down my face, knowing the end was near. I jolt awake covered in sweat. I look around my room panting heavily. Hearing the icy rain splatter against my bedroom window. It was just a dream.

I glanced out the car window, at the wet rolling green pastures that laid out farther than the eye could see. I look down at my lap messing with the ruffles on my skirt. After a while the sleek black cars pass the iron gate of my uncle's estate. Guards with guns stood still against the brick wall that encased the manor that laid inside. A shiver ran down my spine. I was staying with him since he was the only family I had left and from what I heard he was very wealthy. I have never seen him before in my life, but I had no choice. Being only fifteen, it wasn't my option. The black car comes to a halt in front of the massive manor. Grabbing my luggage that sat beside me, I got out of the car. It was still raining, in a sad attempt to get out of the rain. I ran to the door, accidently stepping in a deep puddle, which soaked my shoes completely. Knocking on the front door, a maid answers. She looked surprised and quickly let me in.

"You must be Alicen," the maid says, closing the door behind me.

"Yes" I reply, dripping wet from the rain.

"Oh-no you must have came a day early so your Uncle Charles is out at the moment, but don't worry you'll get to see him tomorrow" the maid reassures while looking me up and down. "It looks like you need a bath so I'll show you to your room and when you're done dinner should be ready" she says giving me a quick smile before leading me off to my room. After showing me to my room, she quickly hurried off. Closing the bedroom door behind me I look around the big room taking in every detail. From the four poster bed to the fireplace and big windows that lined the furthest wall. In the bathroom I turn the hot water on, letting it spill into the clawfoot tub. The bathroom alone was as big as my bedroom at home. Just thinking of home brought tears to my eyes. After taking a warm bath, I pulled a pair of pajamas out of my duffle bag. Inside of my duffle bag was my clothes and hidden at the bottom was a small photo album and a little box full of my mothers jewelry. Making my way back downstairs and to the left towards the dining room. The dining room was simply beautiful with its long table lined with flowers, the kitchen was off of the dining room. A few maids were working in the kitchen. As soon as the maid I met before saw me, she hurried towards me with a plate of food.

"Hear Miss' ' she says handing me my dinner. "Go sit in the dining room and when you are done get to bed. Ok '' she says pointing to the door that leads to the dining room.

"Ok, and thank you" I reply, leaving. After dinner I was told to go to my room and stay until morning. A dress was laid out for me for tomorrow when I got to see my uncle. Flopping down onto my new bed, I laid there exhausted. I heard the down stairs door open. jumping up I ran to my window, opening I looked down and saw two men standing in front of the door. Since it was dark out I couldn't tell who they were. Having a bad habit of eavesdropping, I listened in.

"Sir, what are we going to do with those mutts?" the shorter man asked.

"What happened" the other taller man demanded.

"They started to riot again," the short man replied.

"Then send word any rioter will be shot on the spot, I will not be looked at as a fool" the tall man replied coldly, walking inside and leaving the other man standing alone. I quickly shut my window and sink to the floor. I don't know what was going on, but fear started to creep it's way into me like a bucket of cold water being spilled over one's head.

"Mom, Dad, I wish you were here," I whisper to myself. "I'll make sure to stay safe." Putting my head down tears fall onto my lap. "I love you and goodnight."

The next morning I came downstairs in my new dress. In the living room waiting for me was a tall man wearing a black suit.

"You must be Alicen," He says looking at me. Instantly I recognized the voice of the tall man yesterday. I hide my surprise and fear quickly.

"Yes and you must be Charles" I replied, straightening my back to look taller.

"Yes, I'm happy you get to stay with me, you'll get to go to a nice school and I'll think you'll like it here" Charles says, gesturing for me to sit down. I sit opposite of him so I'm facing him. "This weekend I want to hold a party for you"

"That sounds fun," I replied, smiling.

"You don't talk much do you?" Charles asks, catching me off guard.

"Yeah, I kind of get that a lot" I say, smiling nervously at this awkward conversation and the fact that he wouldn't stop looking at me. Thankfully his phone starts ringing and grabbing it he gets up.

"One sec let me get this" Charles says, walking off to the upstairs. On the coffee table beside him was a folder. Me being my usual self, I opened it. What I saw inside made my heart stop. I quickly closed it. I rush to the stairs. Charles was at the top step. I put a smile on my face.

"I'll be back in a minute, I need to use the restroom, and a party sounds really fun so I'll be happy to have it" I say beaming up at him happily. He seemed glad. Once in my room I locked the door and ran to the bathroom. I felt sick. Turning the cold water on, splashing it onto my face. What I saw in that folder was pictures of dead werewolves, but the most sickening one was the one of my mother lying still on the pavement where she was shot. At the top of the page was Charles' name with the title Head of half-blood control above it. Looking into the mirror my wolf ears stick out of my light brown hair, my nails sharpen and a wolf tail quivers in fear. I am both human and werewolf, but now I'm just a lamb in a den of wolves or is it a wolf in a den of lambs?

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