The World After Nightingale Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The World After Nightingale


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Nina was like any other girl, going through life just like anybody else; getting a college education for a better future, spending the summers with her family, but that was until her life got flip upside down by one man, Ezra Nightingale. He's unlike anyone she's met, he brings out a part of Nina that she didn't even know existed or even remembers. He makes her question everything she's ever known, changes her perception on life and makes her feel things she's never felt before but has always longed for. Feeling beyond conflicted, Nina finds herself thrown into a world of the supernatural, discovering new and old stories of history that had been hidden until the Vampires decided they were done hiding. Now, as she looks towards her future she sees endless possibilities instead of the straight and narrow path she had set in place for herself. In a short amount of time, she will have to find her place in this new world. Will Nina rebel against the life she was born into or will she learn to embrace her new reality? Will she fall for the man she was destined to be with or change her Fate? Come find out in ‘The World After Nightingale’..