1 Reincarnation

There was once a genius born a few years ago. He was born from a common family, and the kingdom that they currently belong was corrupted by the royals and nobles. A commoner has no place for the kingdom, so they were heaved from the capital city. Ever since then, his family moved to the outskirts of the kingdom close to its borders.

There, they lived peacefully and happily. He was treated like a prince by his parents, he was about 3 months old at that time. But, his parents noticed something from him, something that is different from other babies and children that they knew. It took them 6 months after he was born noticing he is not your everyday child.

Not a single time he cried, not a single time he smiled, and what he always does was just stare at something. He won't even go outside to play when he reached 2 years old. But even so, his parents still love him as what he is. They gave all their love and support to him.

He was 4 years old when he asked his parents to buy him books. His parents at that time were just earning money enough for the consumption of their daily life in order to survive. But, that is the first time he asked something to them, his parents did everything they can in order to give him what he wanted.

It took them 3 months to earn the money that they need to buy him the basic books. And for the first time, their child smiled and thanked them. They felt very pleased at that time, it is more than enough to see his smile for all those hellish work just to buy his books.

And as the time flew by, he still didn't change. He always wanted to read and study, he learned how to use magic and swordsmanship. But one day, in an unexpected moment, the royal knights came to the village. Someone has reported that there's a talented child in their place to the City. And the royal knights said that his talent was needed by the Kingdom and must use it as the Kingdom's sword. Of course, he declined, they were pushed away by the Kingdom just because they were commoners, and now they asked him to e them as the Kingdom's sword? What blasphemy is that? Both his parents and him declined their offers strongly.

A few years had passed by and the Kingdom still didn't make their moves. They expected that they'll use force to make him join them, but until that, nothing had happened.

He continued to hone his skills in both swords and magic. And, he was 15 years old at that time when he decided to went up to the mountains along the Kingdom's border a few miles away from their village. His parents allowed him because he insisted strongly.

And after a few months, he decided to come down from the mountains and return to his village. What he saw triggered the emotion that he should never have. He saw their village burning and was savagely destroyed. He saw his parents heads at the top of a wooden pole. At that time, he raged and promised everyone in the village to avenge their deaths.

He trained himself for many years using the books and knowledge that he acquired from his travels. At that time, he already learned the pinnacle in both magic and swordsmanship, but, he still practiced and practiced. That's because, the Kingdom that he will about to destroy was the strongest among others in the world. Even with his talents and skills, it is still not enough to destroy a Kingdom that has more than five million veteran soldiers. And their generals are extremely strong and the three Princes are the strongest among them. As he ventures through the Kingdom, he discovered that before his village was destroyed, the knights went there many times to make him a knight. But, his parents always decline and didn't tell him about it.

That is when he decided to make a pact with the devil. He stole the only scroll from the Kingdom's treasury by sneaking, the possibility that he will be caught was high but, he successfully stole the scroll and escaped from the Castle.

His final preparation was done and he attacked the Kingdom. He used a forbidden spell that could annihilate everything in its path. It destroyed everything except the Castle. At that time, he thought that this is the final moment he was waiting for.

The whole City perished as well as several knights, magicians, and the nobles that he hated. The great sage that protected the Castle used everything he has and couldn't participate in the battle.

He killed the Saintess and the Princes that faced him in the throne room. The King was the only one left from the so-called Strongest Kingdom. From there, he walks to the throne and pointed his sword to the King.


"That is because, I just wanted to bring back the son that is stolen from me. Isn't that right? ****."


"Your true name is **** ********" and you are my son. I can't believe that my own son will be the one to destroy the Kingdom that I built."

The King answered calmly with a saddened face. And, he told everything he knew about what really happened.

It was too late when the boy learned the truth. The King showed him the visual record of him being born by his real mother, the Queen. And, the mother that he knew was one of the maids in the Castle. Then, he saw her stealing him from the City and went to the village.

At first, the boy couldn't believe it. The loving parents that he knew were not his real parents. They were thieves who stole him from his real parents.

After that, tears fall from the boy's eyes and he fell to his knees on the ground. The King said that the one who destroyed his village was not the Kingdom, but the greatest enemy of the Kingdom, the Empire.

The boy parents from the village are pawns of the Empire to take him to them. The nobles that he knew are not cruel and corrupted. It was just a plot that the Empire made to make him hate the Kingdom. And, they are also the ones who killed his parents and destroyed the village. At this moment, the boy lost all his reasons and picked his sword. He turned back from the King and went outside.

The boy begged and begged to the Gods with all his strength that he didn't believe until that time. He beseeched with his voice echoing throughout the obliterated Kingdom.

And miraculously, the Gods had answered him. The boy wished to bring back everything that has been destroyed and the life that has been lost because of him. And he will do anything to pay the price.

The Gods decided to grant his wish but it has a condition and a price to pay. The condition was to correct all the wrongdoings of the people in his world, and the price for all of his sins would be told if he succeeded. The boy was determined to fulfill the condition of the Gods.

And after many years, the boy fulfilled the role that the Gods have given to him. And one of the Gods told him.

[Now that you have accomplished the mission that we have given, we will now grant your wish.]

And a holy light has fallen from the heavens. Everything in the Kingdom has returned, as well as everyone who lives there.

[And now, for the price that you will pay would be—]

At this moment, the boy that looked like an old man at that time thought.

(This would be the end of me. Now that everyone is fine, I can face the punishment with all my heart. He closed his eyes as the God continued.)

[—to live in another world with your knowledge intact.]


The boy was in bafflement as he heard the words that God said.

[It is as you have heard.]

And then the boy was covered with strange lights and lost consciousness. He then woke up in an odd place.

Oh! And by the way, that boy was me that's right it's me. I didn't know that this is the price that I would pay. That bitch—


That's what I want to say but, There is nothing that I can do. I'm here now so, whatever. I'm gonna try to find a place first. It seems like I'm currently in some kind of a forest right now. This is scary, I'm feeling that some kind of monster will attack me.

『By the way, why am I feeling weird right now? It seems like I'm not quite familiar with my body』

I used one of my spells called 「Ice Mirror」and you can't believe what happened...

A mirror made of ice appeared in front of me yehey!! (do I really need to explain that?). What I saw was a young boy that is about 18 years old. He has a wine-red hair and wears old and tattered farming shirt and pants. And his left shoe didn't even have a head anymore.


I can't believe what the heck did that Gods did to me. I now looked like in my teenage days huhu. My beautiful form is no longer here. And why would they even give me this old clothes? As I ponder about why would the Gods make me look younger, I couldn't find any clue about it. That's why—

『GIVE ME BACK MY MAGNIFICENT FORM!! Haah! Haah! Well, I guess there is nothing I can do about this, so first~... Hmm? What is that place over there?』

From my current location, I saw a light appearing from my left side. I saw lights popping from every place and slight sounds like "kaboom" which seems like some fireworks.

『Hooray! Lucky me! I think that's a festival.』

I'm very happy right now, the lights I saw were some kind of a festival... I rushed to where that place is, and it's is not even a little bit of what I'm thinking.

『Nanda kore wa? (what the hell is this?)』

What I saw was just some bunch of kids who were just practicing half-assed spells. They lined up and cast their spells in successive.

"O wind! Grace of the Goddess of Wind! I beseech you!「Wind Gust」" as soon as the boy finished his casting a light breeze scratches the target.

"O almighty God of Fire! Fill me with your powers as I unleash them in my hands!「Fire Blaze」" the girl finished casting and a small fireball hits the target and was burned a little bit.

"O fluid water! Give me your blessing Goddess of Water as I unleash them in my hands!「Water wave」" a boy that wears eyeglasses finished his casting and hits the target that became a little wet.

"O God of Earth! I beseech you! Allow me to control the earth and gather them on my hands!「Earth strike」he finished his cast and small rocks hit the target.

『UWAA!! What the hell are they doing? They're chanting from that weak spell? GAHAHA!! I didn't even use chants even once in my life. What's with their faces? Are they satisfied with that? HAHAHA!!』

Well, I learned how to use magic since I was about 4 years old at that time. I understood the whole magic system and its origins.

『What the heck is this place by the way?』

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[It's a world similar to where you came from.]

I suddenly jumped when I heard a woman's voice so I turned around and looked for her but I couldn't see where the voice came from.

『Who are you?』

[I'm Kleir, your guide in this world.] What the hell? Is she hiding? Well, I'll just ask her.



『Where the heck are you right now? Why am I feeling that you're very close to me?』

[I'm currently inside your head. Cesline-sama, the Goddess of Reincarnation, has sent me to guide you.]

『Eh? Is she the one who sent me here? And the reason why I look like this?』

[That is correct!]

『Haaah... That damn Goddess, what am I gonna do right now?. Well, I'll just figure it out later.』

As I was about to approach those kids. A middle-aged guy that looks like their professor called me.

"Hey you!! What are you doing here?"

『Huh!? I'm currently lost in my way and I suddenly arrived in this place hehe!』

"You're lost? Well, its almost lunch so let's continue talking at the tent."

『Is that okay?』

"That's fine, that's fine. By the way, you're lucky that you still survived. From your looks, you have been attacked by monsters am I right!"

Wait, is this one of the plans of that Goddess? Maybe that's why he made me look like this make reasons in a natural way.


"Then follow me, I'll guide the way."

I nodded and followed him. The way going to this old man's tent was just a small trail with short plain grasses in the sides and a rift about 800 meters away from us. Along the way, the guy asked me something.

"What's your name kid?"

『My name?... It's Iska Aisenford』