1 Intro • Stigma

FROWNED. HE frowned at the sight of extra work loaded on to his way. He hated it. Hated it when it came in between his life , his personal life. But can he help it? NO. HE CANT. CUZ he knew someone was eagerly waiting for him in his house. If not eagerly, might be pissed and emotionless to be exact. Never talking at his presence or looking at his face. Wait. Talking? Dont make me laugh, she never smiled not once , always nodding at whatever bullshit he spoke or did. IT was always tht single nod.

BUT can he blame it? Can he blame the person at his house, who was sitting with her head low and empty eyes. Eyes without any affection? NO. He cant. Because of his MISTAKE. Nothing...but guilt flowed through his heart. Whenever he saw her, Aira . Whatever he felt was destroyed by GUILT.

As a soon to be CEO in the most powerful and successful brand company of his country, he had too many duties which he can't delay. But would time stop? NO. it won't. When the time comes, it goes away too. And when it goes, it might be too late to realize something important.

FATE and DESTINY, no can stop this siblings. A partner in crime with TIME. The time we are born, we are engaged with them. We are all fated to die. Destined to meet with something unexpected in maybe cruel or harsh manner in some point of time. We are all servant of Time. It leads us to something unexpected in some manner and will surprise us. IT CAN ALSO PLAY DIRTY WITH THOSE SIBLINGS TO MAKE THINGS MORE INTERESTING.

He smiled at the thought of Aira, but I told earlier right? Guilt. Which has developed inside him, can it be removed? Well, the answer is same, in an unusual manner, guess? Hah!! It cannot, because he was also a victim of Time, Fate AND soon-to-be Destiny.

Carrying the 'guilt' on his shoulders, he moved, clenching hard his jaws, his mind, EVERYTHING. Always thought why was this his FATE? Why him? Why? The answer to this is simple, Time thought that if it victimizes HIM, IT would make him suffer; suffer so bitter which can make his life achromatic, in a blink. But then, Fate and Destiny suggested a more clearer torturing plan to make his life a misery. They suggested to give him everything except the thing which he desires, which he can get physically but would never get mentally or soulfully. He can't bound with that 'thing' no matter how hard he tries. Time spoke, that would be pleasing in someway and to put some ingredients how about they make the people around him suffer a bit too? The closest to him.

The idea of torturing someone's soul and wishes and urges gave them immense pleasure as if that's what they should do in every case. For everyone living and to make their life hell. But you know what, if there is no partialism, would it suffice?

The man went to the garage of the corporate building, without wasting any time he opened the door of his car and got inside. He was sweating; cold sweat was all over his face and body. Guess why? He always thought, maybe one day when he will return back to the house he will watch her give him a soft smile and that would change their everyday routine. BUT was that so easy after what he did? HIS MISTAKE? Would the guilt inside him let everything back to normal? Would Time, Fate, Destiny will let him follow his HEART?

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