1 chapter 1, New World

{warning quick backstory and rushed death}

Kira is a young man who lives in Tokyo, Japan. He is an orphan that dropped outta college and works 3 different jobs to pay rent, bills, and other living expenses. He has long messy black hair, and short, feminine stature. He loves anime, manga, novels, fanfics, and cosplaying, his favorite anime & manga series is one piece. Basically, he's a poor, trap, otaku dropout.

-Kira pov-

I just left my friend's house after watching episode 1015 of one piece or as people like to call it roof piece, and I just gotta say THAT SHIT WAS FIRE!!! in my opinion that was peak one piece, I cant wait for next week's episode. Even though I know what's gonna happen since I read all the way to chapter 1047.

'Damn it's cold and foggy wtf, should've brought a coat.' I thought. All I'm wearing is a baggy white hoodie that reaches up to my thighs and black shorts. I started rushing home, once the light turned green I started running across the street and failed to see the truck inches away from me. Before I could react I was already hit and blacked out.


Once I came to, I found myself in a beach full of trash, I sluggishly got up when suddenly foreign memories started integrating into my own, giving me a huge ass fucking headache.

The last owner of my new body had silky (which is now musty-crusty-dusty) blue hair, gem-like red big round eyes, sickly pale skin, was highly malnutrition, a short feminine stature like my last life, and finally thick thighs, wtf..? He looked a lot like Demon lord Rimaru (Cover). He was an orphan that was kicked out of his orphanage on his 5th birthday last month because he was quirk-less, yes quirk-less, it seems like I was transmigrated into the world of Hy Hero Academia. A world where 80% of the people have a quirk of some kind, a world where mutant and quirk-less people are prosecuted against, especially the quirk-less.

Whilst I was reviewing the memories of this body, I heard a mechanical emotionless voice inside my head, "Is this my cheat? the cliché system?" I said out loud excitedly, but what I heard next put an end to my childish thoughts.

[NO, this isn't a system, furthermore, this is a prerecorded message. No questions whatsoever will be answered.] said the message, ruining my expectations and my dreams of being a broken isekai protag, "at least I won't become a system slave," I said a bit disappointedly.

[Fear not user, why? because I am here....ahmm... Congratulations on successfully transmigrating, for your survival you will be granted a random reward, spinning the reward wheel, SPINNING...SPINNING....SPINNING...]

[Congratulations you've obtained the powers of Monkey D. Luffy. List of powers: Armament Haki, Observation Haki, Conqueror Haki, and finally Gomu Gomu no mi/Hito Hito no mi: Model Nika. As a bonus his outfit.]

'wait Hito Hito no mi: Model Nika? isn't this gear 5 it wasn't even fully explained yet before I died-' before I could finish my thoughts the message system interpreted me.

[warning...pain incoming brace yourself also this is goodbye, message over.]

"wait what pain...AGHHHHHHHH!" it feels like my insides are burning, my nerves are going numb, it's getting harder to breathe, I'm losing vision, my weak body can't handle this much pain, I'm losing consciousness.

"AGHHHHHH-" just like that, I passed out after enduring the intense pain for 10 minutes straight.


Once I opened my eyes, unlike the sky I was expecting to see, I saw a white ceiling. I heard this weird beeping sound, I turned my head to see a monitor. I try to take the wires off when suddenly someone entered the room, and said, "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"What am...I doing here?" I asked confusedly.

"Hello, you can call me Dr. Haku. You were found unconscious in Takoba Municipal Beach by a person passing by. You were later brought here, Musutafu General Hospital, by an ambulance," said Dr. Haku. He has short ash brown hair, hazel blue eyes, looks to be around 6'1, and finally a swimmer body type. He's wearing a black turtleneck shirt, black sweatpants, and the typical doctor coat.

"Do you know what happened?" he asked giving me a look of pity and concern.

"No. I don't what happened to me, sir. At one point I'm walking around the beach looking for sound food the next am here." I lied, I know excectly what happen the powers of Monkey D. Luffy were getting transferred to me but he doesn't need to know that.

"I'm sorry if this is insensitive of me but can you tell me why you were looking around the park? shouldn't you have food at home?" He asked confusedly.

"I was kicked out of the *sniff* orphanage because I was told I was quirkless...*sniff*, the matron said I was useless, and should just die, *sniff*. Once I was kicked out I've living on the streets begging for food *sniff*, I haven't eaten anything since yesterday morning." I play the pitiful child card, these aren't really lies, but they don't bother me much. I just don't want to sleep on the streets like the previous host of this body.

Dr. Haku was enraged, 'how could they treat a child like that, this is inhuman,' he thought. He looked at Kira with pity.

"you aren't quirkless you know. We did a full body check up whilst you were unconscious, you do have a quirk, It's a elasticity quirk." He said.

I see, Gomu Gomu no mi is classified as a quirk even though it's not. I look up at Haku and show the saddest expression I could mesture and ask, "what will happen to now? I don't have anywhere else to go," even though I do feel guilty for tricking him and playing the pitiful child card, it's for my safety I don't want to die just yet.

-To Be Continued...

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