1 The women in red

Hi, I am Marilyn and ever since I could remember ive seen a woman in red when I was smaller, I thought she was my friend but of course everything changed as I got older. Ever since my sixteenth birthday things have been odd like glasses would break when I'm around or one of my sibling would get hurt while I'm around I never understood why but every time it happened I seen her.

Of course me being 16 I was in high school and you bet everything that happened at home happened at school people's desk would break around me the screen would stop working while the teachers we're teaching everything was awkward and strange but it was all because I see the woman in red I never understood why she was there. I never understood why she chose me I never understood why she hurt the people that were around me First it was scary to me but then I got used to it I got used to the black hair dark eyes and red cloak. But one day I decided to bring it up to my mom I walked into her room and I said mother in the sweetest voiced I could she looked at me and said yes dear and I preceded to tell her that every time I was around someone they would get hurt every time I was near dish it would break and I told her I think it's because I see a woman in red. My mom looked at me in complete confusion and stay said maybe you're just seeing things I'll have you taken to a doctor and I told her wait no I've seen it ever since I was a kid I could tell she was starting to get frustrated with me so I just left the room. Later that day I thought I'd tell my best friend Larissa So at exactly 921 PM I called her and I said hey Larissa I have something to tell you and she's like yeah what do you need? I told her since I was a child I've been seeing a woman in red since I was a child and today I told my mom that every time I go around someone they get hurt or every time I'm around dishes they break. Larissa just sat there quietly not saying a word it kind of scared me at first cause I had wondered what if she's hurt right now i hung up the phone not worrying about anything I'm just hoping to see her at school tomorrow so I just went to bed it was all normal until I had this dream the woman in red was in the dream I really didn't think of it as a nightmare because I always see her I thought it was normal until I felt aching pain in my head in a brutal beating in my chest I woke up breathing heavily I was sleeping was she trying to kill me what was going to happen if I didn't wake up that morning that's all I thought about in class I was unfocused I was wondering but what if I have that dream again what will happen to me what will she do next I went home right after school I went back to sleep to try to see if I would have the dream again and nothing I saw nothing there was no dream there was no thought I woke up and I just decided to eat something I put my food in the oven but when it was done the oven didn't go off there was a large spreading fire in the kitchen and I shot out of my seat and I ran right into the kitchen the moment I smelled the smoke I screamed to my mom as she called the fire station. I ran outside and I seen her the women in red she was right In front of me she turned around and started running and I started chasing her I kept running and all she did was lead me to an old hotel I looked around but it looked like I wasn't even in my time zone people dressed as if it was 1956 the gowns and suits I turned back and she was walking through this dark hall leading into a room then she disappeared leaving me in a old creepy room

Then I heard smoke alarms and all I heard was my name in my little sister's voice "MARILYN MARLIYN WAKE UP" I woke up in my room was I dreaming? No way I couldn't be everything felt so real. I went outside and started walking in the same direction and it lead me to the same place and man stood there and said "I've been waiting for you Marilyn, we all have. I was confused we? Then she came out of the room it was her

She pulled back her hood showing her beautiful and pure her skin was and how dark her eyes her eyes were she looked like an older version of me!?!?! She walked up to me saying I am you she glared at me pulling me close and lifting my chin as a bright light shot deep in my eyes I screamed 'AHHHHHHHHH' in pain she laughed saying now we look alike my eyes where completely black

Why would I do this to myself? suddenly there was that same aching feeling in my chest and I rose into the air screaming in pain I fell to the floor passing out waking up with a blind fold over my eyes I heard my mom and I said what happened to me she said I broke into an abandon hotel glass pierced through my eyes and I passed out from the pain I asked how did u find me and she said your little sister followed you to where ever u where going I took the blind fold off able to still see I thought I had my eyes I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror…they were gone I left and I went to the store wearing a red cloak and packing all of my stuff getting in my car I was so filled with grief all I wanted was revenge I was going 93 mph on the highway going to fast I hit a car as my car flipped glass pierced my into my neck and everything went blank

You can probably tell Marilyn didn't make it. Yet somehow, she was still seen as the women in red.