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The Woman Who Had an Inverted Nose, but Sexy!


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What is The Woman Who Had an Inverted Nose, but Sexy!

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There was once a woman who was almost perfect. There were only 2 problems: she comes from a poor family and she has an inverted nose. Working in the BPO industry for 5 years, the 25 year old Cristina Morin has surpassed all of the expectations of the company she works with, being on top of the performance charts ever since her nesting period. However, when she received an indecent proposal from her Operations Manager, everything started turning upside down; feeling violated, she started taking it up on higher management level but of course they wouldn't listen. Because of financial issues and her mother being sick, she had no choice but to endure working with the malicious eyes of her CEO keeping a close eye on her. On top of this issue, she was torn between two lovers - Jacob, an old time friend from the training days who is also not well off in life, muscular due to his athletic nature. Was he smart? Yes, he was muscular. And Edward - a pale skinned skinny guy who seems to glisten under the sunlight. Very intelligent but short tempered. Son of the CEO of Horizon Online. -------------------------------------------------- "Thank you for calling Horizon Online high-speed technical support, my name is Tina, how may I help you?" almost sounding convincingly perky in spite of the storm she's been feeling inside; Cristina has always been resilient, and the hard worker amongst her peers. She learned to cough and fake a cold every so often so that everyone will assume that she was sick. She needs to look ALWAYS sick. *DING DONG* The sound of the PA system echoed throughout the office "ATTENTION PLEASE. MISS MORIN, MISS MORIN, YOU ARE TO REPORT TO THE CEO'S OFFICE AFTER YOUR CALL" the irritating feedback follows immediately after every announcement. 'What does that maniac want now?' Tina was worried sick. As she entered the CEO's office, a throaty voice welcomed her inside. "Cristina Morin, have a seat." his flabby face has been hardened throughout the years. His office smelled 70% alcohol and 30% cigar. Cristina, composing herself, trying not to puke, "You called for me sir?" she asked as polite as she could. Raffy grinned, the cigar transferring to the side of his big mouth "We have a new rule in the office," one last puff of the cigar before putting it out, then he continued "Facemasks are now forbidden"

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