1 That Uneventful Evening

I only stay in my room that's for several reasons but the main one is that it feels more like home then the actual home my room was kept inside of. I don't have friends since 2 years ago when i moved. When i moved i just stayed to myself minding my own business. All in All i don't do anything but i always wanted to do something just had no need to try since i already new the out come.

'I need to go get something to eat' i said to myself. i went to my kitchen to make some noodles. All of a sudden i here a loud slamming sound coming from my living room and i see 4 people inside that I've never seen before. They were robbers without a doubt but i didn't really care i went back to my kitchen in instead of getting something to defend myself i went to check on my food and it was done so i poured it into my bowl and sat down to eat. after one bite they found me and shot me in the head i didn't know why but they did and i was okay with it in the end after all i had nothing to live for anyway.

When i woke i was on a shabby but comfortable bed i looked around me and it was a cement tower with many cracks but the window looked brand new. i looked at the window and I no longer looked how i did before. My once short wavey auburn hair is now a hip long wavey Platinum shiny silver color, my once tan skin is now looks like a snow flake on newly fallen snow, eyes that were dark brown are now with the left as an elegant pink and the right one blood stained red. i have no idea as to why i look like this nor my name or why i am here but i don't care i have a room a bed so i will just sleep until someone kills me here.

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