The Wolf In The Brick House Book

novel - Fantasy

The Wolf In The Brick House


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Boneless, fleshy undead ravage Lictor's Forest steeling the bones of humans and beasts alike. In a forest that alters its composition every night no one can find the enemy, while they are raided constantly. People think its the end times and nothing proves otherwise. Meanwhile a ghost is sitting in a cave glaring at his newborn hoste. A wolf pup that doesn't have enough brain power to contain his full soul. His AI doesn't understand the problem and he must wait. A psychotic vampire hunts down wolf type beasts where ever they appear. She has an apprentice to train and the scouts just reported a cave full of werewolves, dire wolves, and wolves. To the east the colonies of man send ever more people out west but the forest has formed a border locking away the plentiful western lands. With no way to navigate the treacherous changing forest no one can get through. Follow Jack as he gathers power and sticks his dumb wolf nose in every problem. By his side is a blind folded elf with her own issues. As a member of the adventurers guild and the only nearby elf, she is charged to negotiate a treaty with the skeletons in the forest's second layer. Weeks seperate them from their destination plenty of time for distractions.