1 The Start

It was a normal day in a normal neighborhood, kids getting home from school, parents getting home from work. But.... deep in the forest that surrounded them, Was a wolf, a hungry one at that, so it went to the small neighborhood to seek it's prey, and it did, an innocent cat

(cats perspective)

💭Finally home, now I need to go and get some fish from the lake and do my homework💭

When she was at the lake*

💭I have to get five more then I'll be able to go home. What's that in the bushes....??💭 And when she looked in the bus she ran and yelled "A WOLF!! SOMEONE HELP!" But nothing, but, she did forget that wolf's are a little faster than cats so the wolf was able to catch up with the cat and the wolf said "you can't escape me, your just making yourself slower!" And the wolf was right, she was tired, and because of that she had hit a tree and passed out. The wolf decided to not kill her yet and to bring the cat to her secret base.

What will happen next? you'll just have to wait until book number two comes out