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The Witch and Her Orc Tiger Husband


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What is The Witch and Her Orc Tiger Husband

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As a descendant of a wizard and a human being, Wendy had always been discriminated against in the Ministry of Magic. In order to get rid of the mudblood Wendy, the minister specially arranged her to go to the aliens' area which had never been violated to get the crystals. Wendy understood that the director wanted her to die. Could she just give in? She resolutely walked into the aliens' area and planned to sneak back to the human world in a few days. She would hide her name from then on. Unexpectedly, the aliens' king Hyde had been waiting for her for a long time. Hyde was still a virgin. The postponed estrus cycle made him go crazy every month. After receiving the tip-off from the Minister of Magic, he decided to meet the woman who was bold enough to steal crystals but was unexpectedly triggered by her. The estrus impulse was so overwhelming that he had to knock the woman out and have sex with her. But he didn't expect that he would become a cub after a sleep?! The estrus cycle was not over yet. How could he get happiness with such a tiny brother? In order to take revenge on this woman, Hyde took Wendy into the forest and manipulated the vines to rape the woman. Seeing her hanging in the high air, he enjoyed the happiness brought by the tentacles. An arrogant Auror changed to a slut who screamed sweetly under his body. But the woman was so ungrateful that she even used magic to throw herself away, which was a great humiliation. He found the sleeping Wendy in the hot spring and brought her to the climax again. Wendy woke up from the hot spring and saw the little tiger beside him and everything under herself. She was sad that she had become a slut despised by everyone, so she decided to leave this strange forest immediately. Since Hyde had become a cub again, he couldn't take her to his castle. He could only find an excuse and asked her to help him find his parents. Wendy's maternal love was aroused and she walked towards the direction he said with the little tiger in her arms. When they returned to the castle, Hyde finally returned to his original shape. It was not until then that Wendy realized that the man who had raped her was the little tiger. He imprisoned her and gave her the aphrodisiac. He wanted her to stay with him forever and sing for him.


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