14 Chapter 13

-Outside the <Black Grail>-

Jalter - What the hell happened? Why the <Black Grail> suddenly stopped moving?

Jeanne - I don't know... But that roar must be belong to our Master.

Jalter - Tsk! Even I knew that, but what's happening inside... The wyverns and dragon outside already disappeared. Why our Master isn't coming out yet!?

They both are wondering and feeling frustrated that their Master form are nowhere to be found even after the wyverns and dragon disappeared.

Then suddenly the <Black Grail> disappeared into thin air.


Jeanne - ...

Jalter become even more frustrated while Jeanne don't know what's happening anymore. Just when they are at a loss on what to do there's a rift appeared behind them, they become alerted and get into a battle stance.

??? - Huhu~ he sure finished it quickly just like our expectation.

??? - Hmph! Of course, who do you think he is! He's my beloved apprentice!

They both heard a voice coming from inside the rift then they saw 2 beautiful woman appear from within the rift. One has brown hair while the other has purple hair color.

Yes the woman who just appeared are Semiramis and Scathach.

After both of them came out from the rift they saw Jeanne and Jalter.

Scathach - Hmm? Are they our new sisters?

Semiramis - Fufufu~. Indeed they are, you can see their souls are bound to our Ise right?

Scathach - Fumu. Indeed, and I have to say they sure are pretty. Our Ise sure know how to choose his girls, Hahaha!

While they having their own conversation both Jeanne and Jalter are tense because they can tell these newcomers are very powerful.

But when they heard them talking about Issei they become surprised.

Jalter - Wait. Who are you two, how come you know our Master!?

Scathach - Oh? You call him your Master, eh? So that means I'm your Grand Master because Ise is my beloved apprentice.

Semiramis - And as for me you could say I'm also his mentor in teaching him a certain magic I suppose.

Jalter - How do we know you're not lying?

Semiramis - Oh, dear. Why would we want to lie to you in the 1st place? We are clearly stronger than both of you, so if we really want to harm you two we don't need to do this in a round about way don't u think?

She's all smiles when she says that but both Jeanne and Jalter felt chills when they saw her smile. But they admit she doesn't really have any reason to lie to both of them.

Semiramis - Fufu~. You can rest assured since both of you decided to bind your soul to our dear Ise, then we will become sisters in the future. And I know that you two understand what I meant by that don't you~?

Semiramis gave them both a sly smirk and a teasing tone.

Both Jeanne and Jalter faces went red because they do understand the hidden meaning from her words. Jeanne looked down because she's embarrassed while Jalter just turn her face away with a "Hmph!".

Scathach - Ahahaha! A cute bunch ain't ya? Well. Welcome to the family!

Jeanne just respond with a quiet "En..." whilst she's still looking down.

And Jalter still turning her head but even her ears become red after hearing Scathach.

Semiramis - Well then. We need to have a talk girls.

-Back to Issei-

Issei once more are back inside the dimensional rift, he wonders what would happen to both Jeanne and Jalter but there's nothing he can do because he still cannot make a dimensional rift on his own.

So he decided when he went back to Semiramis place, he will ask her to bring Jeanne and Jalter to him.

Unknown to him when he went back he will see them already there.

So after waiting a while he sees an opening inside the rift and he went through it.

He stands before a forest, and he started looking around.

Issei - Hmmm. I wonder if this is the world where Semiramis wants me to go.

When Issei still inspecting his surrounding he heard a noise came from the bushes.

Then he a saw bunch of goblins came out.

Issei - Hmm? Goblin? Well Semiramis did says this world have monster roaming around.

The goblins started screaming "Gii! Gii!" at each other and after that they rush towards Issei. Looks like they want to attack Issei by the looks of it, not that Issei care even if he stand all day long letting them attack him, he won't even get a scratch.

So Issei calmly kicks bunch of small stones under him and the stones went straight to the goblins like a bullet and make their bodies full of holes. He sure as hell don't want a goblin blood on him, because its surely stinks just from their body odor alone he could tell.

After killing them all he started walking.

After a while he comes out from the forest and sees a village nearby, so head towards it.

When he arrived at the village, for some reason the villagers keep looking at him. Especially the girls.

They have red faces and few were drooling a bit, when they are looking at him.

while the man glaring at him like he stole their wife from them, but there's some man who somehow also have red faces when looking at him, and that gives him a goosebumps all over.

He knows his new look is a bit handsome but he doesn't think it will effect them this much. When he tried to ignore their gazes finally some girls went towards him and do a Gyaku Nanpa(Reverse pick up)

Village Girl 1 - Ummm, excuse me... Do you have time to spare, if you do we can have some tea over there. Please?

Village Girl 2 - Ignore her and just go with me!

Village Girl 3 - Pfft! Please like you're worthy enough for him. I shall be the one who have tea with him!

Village Girl 4 - Hey, handsome~ just ignore these bunch of little girls and let's go somewhere nice shall we~? I can give you a reaaaalllyy good time you know~

Village Girl 5 - Don't you have shame you old hag! Go away and piss off he shall go with me! So come with me handsome guy and let us serve the Axis cult together!

Little Girl - Onii-chan! Please sign this!

??? - Hmph! You woman are such a slut! He must be only interested with someone like me, who have the muscles and beauty! Now handsome you can have my *** virginity or did you prefer to be the receiving end? I don't mind both ways.

Issei got surrounded instantly and he got chills hearing the last statement and he run as fast as he can from them.

MOBS - AH! HE RAN AWAY! AFTER HIM! / Come back boy I can give you a special service! / AH! Handsome wait for me! / WAIT DON'T RUN I'M DOING THIS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! AXIS CULT SHALL SAVE YOU! / ONIIIII-CHANNNNNN!!!

After running for a while Issei finally lost them.

Issei - Hah... Hah... Damn is this how Kiba felt? Those woman are crazy, and that last statement give me the chills even now... *SHIVER* And what the hell is Axis cult? Is that the religion in this world?

Unknown to him even Kiba won't attract that much attention since there's also bunch of handsome man in this world. That just says how out of the world his handsomeness are, but he won't realize that for a while... It will be all too late when he already got a bunch of wives before realizing it.

Issei - Fuhhhh... Guess I just hide my face for now... At this rate I'm not gonna achieve anything. Especially relaxing, how can I relax when bunch of mobs keep chasing me around...

Then he pull his hoodie over his head to hide most of his face and people can only see his mouth and his red eyes. (Yes his outfit has a hoodie on it, just forgot to mention it before)

Then he circled around the village once more to avoid being noticed right away, finally he arrive to a place that looks like an information center.

After he ask a bunch of question he finally knows where the nearest city are, and he also knows that there are jobs called the 'Adventurers'.

So he decided to become one because for him that's the easiest job he can get and the fastest way to get money. He can get money just by killing some weak monsters, there won't be an easier job than that for him.

If any adventurer hear his thoughts, they might just spit blood because of anger. For him sure its an easy job but for the normal humans its a dangerous job that can get them killed just from one small mistake.

And from the info he gathered the strongest in this world are the 'Goddess' and the Demon Lord. Not that he care since he knows they won't be a threat for him.

So he hitch a ride with some caravan at the cost he will act as their bodyguard in case they got attacked by monsters or bandits. All he has to do is punch a giant rock and turn it into smithereens, and the owner gave him a thumbs up.

After a few days he finally reach the city he's looking for, and along the way there's bunch of monsters and bandits try to attack the caravan but he only need to throw some stones at them and they all dead.

When he enter the town, he saw a stone brick buildings and houses, as well as the pathway.

It is similar to the ancient European town of middle ages.

Horse-drawn vehicles one after another can be found on the road.

The children are running around and chasing at each other with a smile on their faces.

All along the way he can see a weapon shop, armor shop and item shop and so on. There's also a stall in the roadside that sells fruits, vegetables, food and all kinds of snacks, the city is quite prosperous.

And he can see some of the civilians bring a weapon with them, on their hips etc. But there are not any panic or wary feelings between each civilians even when they have weapons with them.

Like they are used to seeing it.

This scene really gives the ambiance of a different world feelings to it.

Issei - It is indeed beautiful... so is this city called "Axel"

"Axel" is located in Belzerg Kingdom border region cities.

And this city also have another nickname, which is "Beginner Village"

As the name suggests, this is where a newly emerged Beginner Adventurers stays.

There's isn't a really strong monster around this city, and this is where Issei planning to stay because he don't want to go to the capital because for him who want to relax this place is the best.

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Issei - Well then, shall we?

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