The Wilting Flower Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Wilting Flower


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Genius, that’s what he thought he was. He was one of those people who was blessed with a sharp mind. Ever since childhood, his IQ and curious nature got the best of him.  For him, solving problems, unravelling mysteries was like a game.  Until.....she happened. He never in his wildest dreams thought that the crime documentaries he studied about would become his reality.  He never imagined that the girl with the brightest smile, held such a depth of darkness... Which could even make the light blind. For him she was an enigma and her life, a never ending riddle. The more he uncovers her, the more puzzled he got. It seemed like her mystery was calling him. Beggin him to free her from the chains of despair. But what he didn't realize, was that he himself was entangled in her and they were destined to be doomed.  


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