The wildflower : Dandy wife Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The wildflower : Dandy wife


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Diana Tang is the young surgeon who is working in the Ruby Ling Hospital. She is the young prodigy in the field of science and has a great master looking out for her. She was living her life normally when suddenly a beautiful mini box which contain a diamond Earing enter her life which turn her world upside down. It is said that however will gain this ornament will gonna be the strongest person in the world but how did it end in her hand? and because of it she is now kidnapped in the forest where no living being can be found...succeed in escaping but what is this? Met the young man in the forest who does not look in great condition, but has a great power in his hand... Now that two different people have encountered each other....what's gonna happen next? Let's wait and see the two different people becoming one powerful duo... ( So this is the enough introduction...want to know more? then dive in the book. I am new here and don't know much, English is not my first language so please forgive me if I do any mistakes in the story and please tell me my mistake so I will correct them )


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