9 Horned Horse?

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The scene of the landlord repeatedly giving him reminders when he first rented the apartment seemed like it had just happened yesterday.

Looking at the huge hole in front of him, Li Song did not know how to argue with the landlord.

What should he say?

The lady next door wanted to be with him so badly that she broke the wall?

Or should he say that they were close?

This did not sound very reliable…

He would have to pay the landlord a lot of money by then, right? Although, she was a nice person, so maybe she would not be too hard on him.

With this thought in mind, he looked at the culprit which had crashed through the wall, the snow-white horse.

It was about 1.6 meters tall and about 2 meters long. There was also a tiny horn on its head. It was still an infant, but one could see that it was very cool looking.

[Tamed Beast: Horned Horse]

[Race: Righteous]

[Evolution Level: Infant]

[The Horned Horse of light that arrogantly dispels the darkness.]

His eyes narrowed.

Her luck was good enough. Although the Horned Horses were not considered powerful monsters, their numbers were quite small. The upper limit of their race was the Overlord-rank, so they could be considered an outstanding breed.

It was worth mentioning that one could not see the level of another person's Tamed Beast without permission.

Monsters whose racial limit could reach the Overlord-rank were actually very rare. This was unlike Bull Two's race, the Abyssal Tauren. In theory, its racial limit was also at the Overlord level.

But there was a huge gap between them.

The upper limit of the Horned Horse was the Overlord-rank. Basically, as long as it was not too untalented, it could steadily grow and work hard to reach it. There was a high possibility of achieving it. The chance was around 20%.

The Abyssal Tauren were different.

The Overlord-rank could only be reached in theory for them. The chance was less than 0.01%. Furthermore, it was full of difficulties. It was far from as simple as a Horned Horse.

According to the background description in Beast Taming World, Horned Horses were a species bred after the mating of the legendary monster, Unicorn, and a Blazing Sun Horse. The Unicorn moved swiftly like the wind and possessed the light attribute. They were also extremely powerful, and the horn on their head could pierce through most hard armor.

Most importantly… It was handsome!

It definitely looked cooler than that of a car, far beyond mounts of other types.

He had once caught it in the game as a means of transportation. After he got sick of it, he released it and replaced it with its father, the Unicorn.

According to the background, that thing was only willing to sign a contract with pure girls. It probably had some weird interests, but Li Song did not spoil it. After killing the few that would rather die than submit, he used his cheat to capture the Horned Horse.

"Well… let me explain…"

Zhou Dan's face turned red and her ears turned red. She stared blankly at Li Song.

To be honest, it was too embarrassing!

Earlier on, she had just told him righteously not to go out in the near future. But now, she knocked down his wall in no time. Did that make sense?

Li Song calmly waited for Zhou Dan to explain.

"I don't know what happened. Little White's character was originally quite gentle, but suddenly…"

"I suddenly lost control…"

"So it broke the wall…"

Zhou Dan's voice became softer and softer, as if she also felt that this did not make sense. In the end, she added, "Mr. Li, don't worry. I'll be responsible for repairing the walls. I'll bear all your losses…"

Li Song nodded without refusing.

He had no intention of charging a large sum of money. But since she were the one who broke it, she had to compensate.

This was very reasonable.

However, he did not expect Miss Zhou to also suck at giving nicknames. The white horse was called Little White? No matter how he looked at it, this guy did not seem little at all.

At this moment, he had completely forgotten about naming the Abyssal Tauren Bull Two…

However, he finally understood why the Horned Horse had suddenly gone crazy and even wanted to smash the wall open… As a user of the light attribute, the Horned Horse had always been at odds with the dark attribute Abyssal Tauren. They would fight whenever they met.

Even if it became a Tamed Beast, this kind of nature would not change. It could be considered a mark that was imprinted in its genes.


Bull Two turned around and glanced at the Horned Horse.

Then, as if nothing had happened, it turned around to look in Li Song's closet.

It had seen a piece of clothing earlier and thought that it would look handsome in it.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

However, this glance immediately enraged the Horned Horse.

The emotions that had been appeased instantly erupted again.

The Horned Horses were an extremely proud race. Their bodies flowed with the blood of a legendary monster, making them look down on ordinary races.

The Abyssal Tauren were like ants in its eyes as they were merely a lowly race in the abyss.

Initially, it thought that when it rushed in, Bull Two was frightened and could not move. Thus, it did not have many other emotions in its heart. However, when Bull Two looked at it just now, it actually felt a sense of familiarity.

The way it looked at the Horned Horse earlier was exactly the same as how the Horned Horse looked at others. It was completely unconcerned, as if it was looking at a rock by the roadside. It was a kind of condescending look!


How dare it?

It was so ordinary, yet it was so confident?

A small Abyssal Tauren dared to look down on it!

It must teach this arrogant fellow a lesson. This despicable monster from the abyss dared to look down on the mighty sun?!

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

This time, no matter how much Zhou Dan shouted, it did not care. Its horn emitted some light, and its hooves stomped on the ground. Its entire body was like a small truck as it charged towards Bull Two!


"Little White is a Horned Horse!"

Zhou Dan cried out with a panicked expression. From the picture in the system, she knew that her Tamed Beast was very strong. It had crashed through the wall and not even suffered any damage. This was proof.

As for Li Song's Tamed Beast, it was only an ordinary monster as stated in the guide.

Not only did it break the wall of the other party, if she also injured the other party's Tamed Beast now, there would be no way to explain this matter.

She would not know how to face her neighbors in the future.

But at the next moment, her mouth was wide open as she froze on the spot.


Bull Two merely stretched out a hand and gently pressed it against the Horned Horse's head, emitting a dull thud. Its entire body remained motionless, allowing the Horned Horse to let out a frenzied neigh!

The horse stamped on the ground crazily, and the tiles on the ground cracked. However, its body did not move at all, as if it was walking on the spot.

This scene…

It was as if an adult was holding a child's head. It looked so relaxed.


Bull Two snorted loudly and revealed a puzzled expression as if it was saying, "Are you massaging me?"

However, when it saw how furious the Horned Horse was, Bull Two understood what was happening.

Oh, it was actually attacking!

However, this discovery gave rise to a strange thought in its dim-witted head.

How dare it?

Actually, Bull Two could not be blamed for having such thoughts. In its vague memories, it had reached the peak already.

Thus, even if the Horned Horse smashed through the wall, it did not do anything.

In its heart, this little fellow simply did not have the qualifications to stand in front of it. Even if it was a unicorn, it had to obediently crawl.

Horned Horse?

What was that?

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