I raise both of my arms in a cross position to block an incoming attack, but the punch was too powerful that even when I blocked it I was still dragged a couple of meters from my initial position.

The focus of the first few years of my training was on strengthening my physical body. The torture that I had to power myself through due to the training regime that Stoner put in place was insane. I thought that the physical conditioning that I had to go through in the military in my past life was hard, boy was I wrong. Even Stoner himself said that it was incredible that I survive the first few years of my training. He said that it was probably due to my zoan fruit ability that I was able to live through that.

Not going to lie it was hard, the struggle to try and survive the training regime was real. But every time the thought of giving up pop in my head, I would always ask myself questions like; 'do you want to die like the people in your old home? do you want to be a corpse on the side of the road?'. These questions made me power through all the pain that my body felt. In all honesty, I don't think this was a good way to motivate yourself, but whatever works, I guess.

I also found out what type of zoan fruit I ate. I ate the monkey-monkey: Yeti fruit. Stoner was shocked when he found out the I ate a mythical zoan type fruit but after the initial shock, he was happy that I had an extremely powerful fruit.

Anyway, after conditioning my body, Stoner introduced me to the Rokushiki style of the Marines. The Rokushiki Style was supposed to be something that was only taught to recruits and marines, but somehow Stoner decided to go against this idea and he began to teach me this fighting style.

Most of the time only people at the age of at least 20 years old can start learning this technique, due to the physical requirements that this fighting style needed. He said that the reason that he was able to teach me this technique was that due to my fruit, my fruit has made my body stronger and he believes that it was enough to at least teach me the principles and the basics of the said technique.

I kick the ground with multiple kicks to propel me towards Stoner. I cock my right arm and quickly my arm becomes as strong as iron, I release it towards Stoner's face. Stoner didn't even block the attack and let his face tank my punch.

"OUCH!", I said as I felt the pain of my hand.

Right before I could hit him, Stoner used tekkai as well to harden his face. His tekkai was stronger than mine. After the clash of fist and face, I took multiple steps back to make distances between the two of us. Stoner did not like this and he immediately chased after me with his own tekkai enhance fist.

"AH!", I subconsciously said as I felt the pain of the punch of Stoner that landed in my stomach. Stoner's fist carried an incredibly powerful force that it propelled me a few meters from where I was standing. My back eventually hit a huge tree," BANG! (cracking sounds)".

The tree then had multiple cracks in it, but it was able to stop me from propelling farther in the forest.

"Damn,..now my stomach and back hurt", I said to myself as I gathered my strength to stand back up.

Right now, Stoner and I were having our occasional sparring, but in Stoner's case, the mandatory beat down of a student. Those were he's own words not mine. Even in my human-animal hybrid form, I still can't stand toe to toe with him. In human-hybrid form, my height which is 5 feet and 9 inches become 12 feet and 5 inches tall, my body then grows white fur, similar to what a yeti's fur would look, in this form the only place on my body that doesn't have any fur is my face, the palm of my feet and the palm of my hand.

As of right now, I still barely got the basic level of the Rokushiki style. To prolong our spar Stoner has allowed me to be in my human-hybrid form. He said that the increase in my physical strength makes my beat down longer...Is it just me or Stoners being a dick.

One thing I found out in my training was that my sparring matches became a rare occurrence, the first few sparring matches that I had 5 years ago was always happening every week. The longer my training went, the fewer my sparring match became, I attributed this to the lazy nature of my teacher.

"Come on brat, show me what you can do. To make it interesting I'll allow you to use your zoan ability", Stoner said with a smug look on his face.

Our sparring matches were always physical in nature, it is relying only on the physical capabilities of your body and nothing else. Because of this rule, I was prevented from using my zoan ability. Due to me being a mythical zoan fruit eater, I had an additional ability. My ability allows me to turn my opponents into ice upon contact or I can also release ice based long range attacks that also transforms my enemies into ice sculptures.

Stoner once said that the only way to prevent yourself from being turned into ice sculptures was using haki, but doing this would make you lose haki a lot faster than your opponent.

Hearing about this 'haki' thing made me interested in it, but Stoner said that he will only teach me the technique when the time is right.

With a smile on my face, I immediately sprinted towards him, at the moment that he was in my range, I shouted, "Freezing SHIGAN BARRAGE!".

The bombardment of my finger shigans didn't matter to Stoner. For Stoner was dodging it extremely quickly, it was like for him I was moving in slow motion. He kept dodging my attack with a bored look on his face when suddenly he trips and he began to fall. The two of us were shocked, I was shocked because he gave me an opening, accidental or not. Stoner was shocked because he just tripped, because of his own carelessness. It didn't matter to me. I can't let this opportunity go, so I quickly took the opportunity by landing a punch at him.

My punch landed and it hit Stoner's face. He fell on the ground with a bleeding lip on the left side of his face. When I saw my punch landed I was ecstatic, finally, in all the spar that we had, I was finally able to land a clean hit, a added bonus was the I made him bleed.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I GOT A HIT!", I shouted with joy when suddenly a felt eery chill envelope my body. I saw Stoner standing up, as he spits the blood that was on the inside of his mouth, and he said with a smirk, "My turn".

This was the moment I knew, I f*ck up.

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