The White Swan
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The White Swan


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What is The White Swan

Read The White Swan novel written by the author Green_duckling on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering princess. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


... As cold and distant as she may seem, all her sorrow is hidden for the best. For if it were to show it wouldn't be pretty. For if it were to show, she were to shame her precious family's name. For if it were to show she'd be all alone. ~ A knock, knock, knocking came from Leo's door. He could only guess it was his food. He paused whatever killing game he was playing and grabbed a five off the table on the way to the door. "Leo Quinn?" The delivery man asked as soon as the door started to slightly creek open. "Yep" Leo replied as he grabbed the pizza. "Sign here please" The man held a clipboard out to Leo and he grabbed his pen and signed. When he was finished he placed the five he had grabbed off the table on the clipboard. "Night man," Leo said and closed the door. He put two cans of soda on top of the pizza box and brought it to the sofa where his killing game was still paused. He propped open the box and popped open one can of soda. He grabbed a big slice of meat lover's pizza as he unpaused his video game. At the time, it was 11 pm, he knew he had school tomorrow, but he didn't care like most boys his age. He stayed up until 3 am playing video games before he put on some youtube and fell asleep at 4 am. The next morning his alarm rang at 6 am, he pressed snooze. It rang again, he hit snooze. This happened several more times before he finally got up, and when he did it was at 8 am. He groaned and rolled over to look at the clock, hoping he could sleep for 5 more minutes. He saw that it was 8:06 on the clock and almost had a heart attack. He jumped up from the bed and took a quick shower. He put on the first not rotten smelling thing he could find and grabbed a cup of yogurt on his way out of the door. He walked down 3 sets of steps, his apartment being on the 3rd flight, and he got into his busted-up old car. He broke 13 traffic regulations on the way to school hoping he wouldn't get caught, and he didn't. He ran into the school doors that were just on the verge of locking because it was 8:22 and rushed down the hallways looking for his class before he found it and bust in like the police. The cover does not belong to me.


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