1 intro

Hi, my name is Maria, princess of the grand Nation of Sola and I live in a world where all the living creatures are separated into two big Nations, one is the creature of the sun. We need to be in contact with the ray of sun that the gods send us to get the energy and its healing properties it gives us or we will start to be sick and eventually die in horrible suffering over the course of 20 to 50 years but still, it can kill us. We eat food from the heart for the most part and sometimes meat well at least for us humans, but its mostly the same for the elf, gnomes and all the other small nations that need the sun. Usually, we are a really peaceful nation where the worst that happens is little arguments here and there but nothing too crazy like wars against the night nation

And then there's the creature of the moon, the sun kills them in a matter of minutes and the other thing is that they feed of or off us the creatures of the sun so yeah they are not very liked around Sola. Vampires mostly enslave us to drink our blood or breed the best blood for there king and his family, or there's the werewolf who during the full mood just kills anything on there way before becoming human once again during the day and another common one we fight with is the witches they like to use for there spell to make them younger and stuff like that. That's the creature we see the most when we fight against the night but there are so many more that we don't know of that it's kinda scary to be outside of your house at night.

Now enough about the usual lets me tell you why I am writing this journal in the first place since I am a little lass everyone is telling me to be scared of the night people and I am taught how to kill them, but I always wished I could learn more about there way of living and why do they live like that, do they have gods they believe in or other religion. Sadly enough no one of the suns knows, they say the one who tried observing them all died so yeah for my curious self.

But one day I was playing around the castle it was almost night time and I was hiding from my parents who thought I was studying elfique language.

suddenly I heard crying in the bushes and I went to see who it was, it was a little boy maybe a year older then I was crying and he also looked like he just woke up with his hair all over the place. he was so pale like me and jet black eyes but what hit me was his beautiful green eyes, they were a deep forest green they were perfect.

"what are you looking at?!" I remember him almost yelling at me in between sobs.

" you going to tell everyone you found a monster and get me killed like the rest of my family!!" he then jumped on me making me fall on my back both of his hand on each side of my face.

"why would I do that?" I answered to him starting to get scared of him. his green eyes turned to black and I started to shake:

"you are one that the sun kills?" I was shacking at this point scared that it was my last day to live, but surprisingly he moved from on top of me and roll into a ball crying.

it took me a few minutes to sit up, I was about to run as fast as possible to get away but something told me not to, don't ask me why but I just had too.

so I stood up and sat beside the little boy

"my name is Maria, I am a human.... and you?" I simply said to break the awkwardness between us

"Kaleb and I are a werewolf.... why?" he looked up at me and his eyes were back to the pretty green they were the first time I saw him. I was scared when he said werewolf but I pushed it aside not to be rude.

"cuz I want us to befriend!" I answered hugging him, don't ask me why my 6 years old brain said it was the way to go.

the worst its that it was right me and Kaleb would meet up after night falls, we would play talk about our world eat food and all it was great until right when he turned 14 he stopped coming to see me and I never saw him since.

I tried talking to my parents about Kaleb but all they did is ground me cuz I was playing with a creature of the night and blablabla, I tried to tell them that peace was possible that we could live in peace and learn about them but they wouldn't listen to me, so I'm going on a quest to find piece and this is my story for whoever is reading this journal