The Wheel of Samsara
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The Wheel of Samsara


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What is The Wheel of Samsara

The Wheel of Samsara is a popular web novel written by the author Liron, covering CULTIVATION, ORIGINAL, WEAK TO STRONG, SWORD WIELDER, Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 655.8K readers with an average rating of 4.5/5 and 23 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 8 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Everything changes for Amon one day when he stumbles across a strange sword. His possession of the mysterious blade soon draws him into an ages-old conflict, one that he seemingly has no relation to nor wishes to be a part of, yet he cannot tear himself away from it. Little does he understand that Fate will inevitably make one face the consequences for their choices, even those made in another lifetime. -------------------------------- Author's note: Hiatus Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Ef8Eer4 Tags: Tragedy, Cultivation, Sword Wielder, Weak to Strong, Original. Other tags will be added as the story progresses as I don’t want to spoil anything.


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Hey guys, my name is Liron and I’m the author for this novel. I’ve put a lot of work into the story of this novel, so please bear with the slow start, things will start moving fast very soon. Don’t be afraid to tell me how you feel about the novel, the only thing I ask is for you to try and be as specific as possible in your comments so I could properly change what you think is bad. Although I hate the idea of rating my own novel, a bunch of people simply rated it 1 star “to save a place for when they properly review it later”. I don’t think it is really fair, So I’ll let this review here until more people properly review this or their reviews is deleted.


WRITING QUALITY Pretty much top-notch writing quality. The prose is descriptive, meticulous, and correct. The care for the work from the author is obvious. There are rare bugaboos with verb tense that would be missed with automated grammar checks and probably wouldn't crop up readily on a just-finished-writing reread, so they're more easily forgiven when they peek out at me. STABILITY OF UPDATES The author communicates well about their schedule and sticks with it. This is a daily release novel with bonuses. Excellent rating here too. STORY DEVELOPMENT / CHARACTER DESIGN / WORLD BACKGROUND The author uses the beginning of the novel to do what should be done: introduce us to the concepts and characters and breathe life into the latter. Auxiliary characters are given depth and focus. We are introduced to the world's mechanics and how they impact these initial characters. The only demerit I can give here isn't a major one: you probably already know everything you need to know if you've read much in the genre. Very minor and not something actionable as the familiarity is also a plus. VERDICT This is a high-quality work, perhaps better than what the genre it occupies deserves. It's updated regularly and often and the author takes the time to build the world and its characters up. I will definitely have this on my list to continue past my 15 chapter benchmark, and can recommend it to folks who value the same things I do in a work.


I honestly think that this is one of the best stories I've read so far, and I've read a lot. Everything about is well-thought and unique, (little to no tropes) and it never felt dull and it was all fleshed out. This has been a popular story for a while. So I recommend and suggest you read this story, here's why: Translation Quality: The translations are great, (as expected from Qidian) and the story makes me laugh as the protagonist smacks the faces of people who underestimated him, I've seen little to no errors at all concerning grammar or punctuation and it makes it easy for you to understand what's happening. Updating Stability/Speed: It ticks me off since this story is one of the best I've read so far, I constantly wait and there are many other people like me out there. 1 chapter everyday for 5 days in a week isn't enough, taking into account the quality of this story and how brilliant it is. Thought the updating speed isn't good for those impatient, the stability is true to it's word. They always update every day which is enough for me. World Building: It slowly builds up and doesn't just throw a bunch of information at you expecting to have to have powers like the main character here (unless you do). The build up of the world is decent but it just doesn't explain enough really about the roles and the other places other than where the main character is. It just gives you the information you need where you are. Character Design: The characters are well-fleshed out and their are no characters being introduced that are basically just 2-D with no personality. They all have a role and even if they play a minor one they are mentioned a few more times later on in the story. The characters develop throughout the story and don't just have the same personality. Story Development: The plot of the story is very interesting as it is, I've read many online and translated novels and this barely follows any tropes, (you can't expect there to be none with so many stories). It also goes at a decent pacing that is persistent, (he doesn't just rise 4 realms in 1 go). You can expect the plot to be great as it's very unique, I was always wanting more and it never felt dull. You can expect the story to be brilliant and splendid, you will always be on the edge of your seat! I rate this 5 stars!


It is a good novel worth the read. The charecters are well fleshed out and facts are introduced without overwhelming the reader. The only flaw I can find is that the prose feels awkward at times and there a few errors then and there.


I love the story you have greatly inspired me but so far the only thing I really dislike is your naming of the characters some are cool but some feel out of place with the vibe I’m getting idk maybe it’s me but overall I love it bro


I love the writing style. Great character design and depth. I felt like the opening chapter was very magnetic, a very strong start.The author @Liron has done an amazing job so far. I loved how MC lost to Erin, very realistic as opposed to usual stepping stone cliche presented in most novels.


Good luck on your study. You can pass You can pass You can pass You can pass You can pass You can pass May the best wishes I'll donate more Power Stones


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The first chapter seems alright, but I don't want to get my hopes up incase it turns up into a big flop, so i'll change my rating when more chapters get released. Also, why the hell are there these three reviewers who copy and pasted their review onto possible multiple novels? Like I saw JadedFlutist and the other two guys reviews copy and pasted on Raging Devil.


10 chapters and this is it. Cliché. And it isnt even a comedy. Super plot armor Spacial ring full of ridiculous treasures Tsundere sword spirit incredible powerful A crybaby MC with a crippled mom and a bastard (who might be not-so-bad) father to drive the plot Ah... And a rich disgusting young master to be the whetstone for our MC. You know, i really like sword cultivation novels, but i cant stand when the troupes came in hordes. Sorry for the harsh critic, the storytelling and grammar are good.


I've perused several of the original fictions on this site and Wheel of Samsara has earned a place in my top five. This is a well planned-out cultivation story with solid character development and pacing. The author is especially talented in writing combat sequences. Whereas in other novels I skim through fights and tend to become annoyed if they drag out for more than one chapter, Liron (the author) understands that a fight is high level problem-solving with dire physical consequences and describes the main character's thoughts and actions accordingly. It makes me wonder if s/he has prior experience in MMA or something similar. The main character is also someone whose personality I like. Questions of morality and the principles that a cultivator should adhere to are examined seriously. It's refreshing to see a character who is righteous yet humble, and who recognizes his own fallibility. I am optimistic for the future of this story.


This is a great novel and to be honest it has a slightly different feel from most cultivating type novels! Liron keep up the great work I only hope that maybe soon Rebecca will be healed at least to be able to walk again that would make this novel even better I think!


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Well I haven't read it though judging from description looks like another OP MC but is there romance in it IF IT HAS THEN IT WILL BE INTERESTING OTHERWISE ANOTHER FREAKING CULTIVATION MANIAC


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I am loving this novel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


Hi liron/webnovel. The links are broken for me, i couldnt read the stories, it says chapters are deleted. I have no problems reading other novels. Im using browser..............................................................


Couz I can and I will. Respect your dedication ^_^. A well-paced story with top-notch grammar. You deserve more! _________/\_____/\/\/\/\/\_________ _ ___ __


Seriously why isn't this popular instead of those OP mc with "insert" plot armor, I hate novels like that with no deep thoughts or meaning to it. This is one of the few original novel that made feel like I'm reading a novel not some sort of fanfic or fantasy by a 8 years old brat.


The novel is well written. The character development is really good. It has a steady release schedule. I have nothing to complain about. I am really enjoying reading this novel, it is so far one of the best original novels I am reading.


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