82 I feel it.


No one understands how I feel. 

Maybe this is an overreaction but I will keep running until I can smell him; until I find him. I am not going to let things get to the stage they did with Beau. Beau is the Alpha of the pack, they had reasons to keep him alive, Jabi, not so much. He would be killed before I even find him. 

Whoever took him can't have gone that far, at least I am giving myself the hopes that they are still somewhere in the woods. I don't know how long I run, I lose all sense of time. My only priority is finding him. the moment I feel his presence is a euphoric bliss. I see the cave and all my worries slowly dissipate. I haven't even seen him yet, but I can feel him. his scent is strong. The blood running through his veins. The fact that he is still alive. I prayed and wished that he wasn't hurt and now my prayers have been answered. 

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