1 Drunken Mistake


The sun comes up and I feel the rays as it hits my windows and my eyes squint open and I already know I am late. Father is going to have my head for breakfast. I jolt up from the bed and I hear a moan.


I look to the figure sprawled on the bed and she is naked. The sheets are wrapped on the lower half of her body revealing the arch of her back and side boobs. She moves but is still sleeping. I get up from the bed and ignore her. I don't know who she is but I don't give a shit. I was probably piss faced drunk by the time I brought her home. I walk into the bathroom and have a quick shower. I shouldn't even be getting ready. I am so late; this is like the tenth time I will be late for the breakfast meeting. This is like my last warning and I always end up running into the dining hall scattered and unkempt.

I get out of the shower and run back into my room. This time, she is awake, she is seated on the bed with the sheets now fully covering her. I look at her closely to see if I even remember her from last night, but she doesn't ring a bell. Her hazel brown eyes, blonde hair bright smile seems all new to me.

This is a new blow for me. I never fuck a girl and blackout. I usually always remember them at least. I don't even remember meeting her last night. This is bad.

"Hi," she greets me as she adjusts the sheets attempting to cover her tits. That doesn't help because they are huge. I scoff silently because even through my drunken state, I have a type.

"You need to go," I state matter of fact.

She frowns. "It's the middle of nowhere, how do I get out of the woods?" she asks suddenly getting temperamental. I don't know what to say to her because it is not even safe for her. If anyone sees her, she could be in danger. I can't even believe that I brought her here.

"You can take my car."

"What?" she looks at me confused. I don't even know what I am saying right now. I just need her to leave before my uncle finds out. I can easily talk to my father and get him on my side, but Uncle Fallon is another story. It's like he has a life mission to ruin my life. nothing I do is ever good enough and he tries to get my father to see that I am a useless piece of crap.

"I don't know how to get out of here. You said you were going to take me back to town last night"


She is being difficult.

I sigh loudly "Put on your fucking clothes. I will be back" I open the door to my room and walk out the hallway. I go to the far end and to the room of my best friend Rex. Rex has lived with me all my life, growing up his parents were killed during the last Contention. The Contention was the war we had ten years ago with the Vamps. Yes, you heard right. Fucking vampires. They have been our enemies since we were known to exist. Werewolves and vampires are opposites. Hate each other.

I remember when I asked my father why we hated them so much. At that time I was just a little pup. I didn't know so much and this topic was a very sensitive one because we just ended the contention. Rex lost his parents to the war, he has been with us ever since. Unlike me, Rex is an omega and omega's don't survive in our pack. They need an alpha to help them stay alive. That is why he is always with me. Until he can find a mate, he has to stay next to me or he could get killed.

Werewolves are like animals, we think with our bodies first before our senses. We are primitive and very aggressive. Rex is unlike any werewolf I know. He is quiet, smart and never angry. He is the one that can help me right now.

I hit his door loudly, knowing he wouldn't be in the meeting. Omegas aren't allowed in meetings. They are treated as less than, not equals.

I knock even louder because I know everyone in the pack house is on the other side of the house-- where the dining room is. I hear his footsteps before he gets to the door. My senses are the sharpest gift I have. I can hear the murmurs of my whole family. I know that they are about to start.

The door opens and Rex looks at me with sleep still in his eyes. He shouldn't be asleep right now. It could cause a serious problem for him if anyone found out "Why were you still asleep?"

He frowns and I know something snarky is about to leave his lips. "Someone kept me up very late last night" he sounds frustrated and from what I can gather, I am that someone.

I roll my eyes "I need your help" he is dressed in a pair of grey sweatpants and a plain white tee. Unlike me, I am still half naked with only my towel around my waist.

He shakes his head because he knows that I am about to ask him to help me do something crazy. I know I sometimes give the kid a lot of difficult tasks but I love him to death. He is like the brother I never had.

"What is it this time?"

I smirk and he groans. I lead him to my room and luckily the girl is dressed. Her dress is black and very tight. Her hair is now packed in a messy bun, this makes her eyes shine even brighter.

Damn, she is fucking hot.

Rex rolls his eyes.

What is she doing here?

He asks me. His question isn't out loud, and we are the only ones that can hear each other. It is another ability we werewolves have. It is called a mind link. Which just simply means that we can communicate through our thoughts. It's an ability that we all have but I figured out that mine is a lot more evolved. I am not limited to just thoughts of werewolves. I can read the minds of everyone.

It is a blessing and a curse.

I don't remember. I thought we came together

Rex shakes his head but doesn't say anything else "What do you want me to do?" he asks out loud. The girl watches us but she remains quiet. She Is probably terrified now.

I guess I am acting a lot stranger than I need to.

"Just help me sneak her away from here"

He sighs and she stands up from the bed, I lead them out of my room and I watch as he takes her by her arm and leads her out of the house. I grab a pair of shorts and walk out of my room dressed in them.

I take a deep breath as I linger out the door of the hallway. I don't know what will be said today but I know it won't be good.

It is never good.

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