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The Wedding Contract


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Truthfully, I don't near female lead page but you....you.. ☺☺ I just had to add. The synopsis seem really good, too tired of cold President and blushing bride. Don't stop updating don't ever stop.


The story itself is good. The consistency of you is also impressive. You also have a good initial company arc. Keep up on doing this novel. Good luck.


Man! I feel so mushy all around and I don't feel any ounce of bad about it. The story and exposition was just right. I kinda wish this would get adapted into a live action. Great job!


Strong characters are the most interesting aspects that your book has. It is also very visually descriptive, and you have set up a very interesting dynamic, that can go places. Great work!


Well it been a while, I had myself into novels like this, at first I had only forced myself to it. But now I am crazily loving it, especially Ice Queen character and attitude, are a charm. Also am keeping it, as my hidden-gem in my library chest.


so far so good I didn't want to read this novel coz of the Indian settings and all(it reminds me of daily soaps and they are waay too cringe ) but have to say it's good 👍 the characters are well written the mc is good (I don't how she will turn out to be in future though)


the story itself is very interesting. i do not know that there is such kind of illness. but please author more chapter update. it keeps me wondering why updates are so hard.


Men!!!! What a great story!!!! I'm soo in love with the FL i thinking I'm falling for her!😁😁 Amazing plot nicely written and oh so loveable leads!! keeping going author


Wow! This story is something that I’ve never read it before. 😭 It was amazing and it’s getting better as the chapter goes by. 😊 Would definitely hooked me! I love the MC, it has a strong woman empowerment. Even just reading the sypnosis, made me read the first chapter haha. What a potential, author! Keep it up! 🤍


This book is awesome and I know I'm not gonna be dissapointed. please keep the chapters coming, I'm itching to know how the story is gonna turn out. kudos to the authorrr


Omg, ♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥I just loved the pace and how smooth the flow of story actually is. It has a fascinating story line. Characters are also bold and cute at the same time. The writing style is also really good. this is a story which sums up your 100s of chapter of novels in a very beautiful way. Must read is it! Some scenes made my heart beat like a miniac. I am in love. Looking forward to more chapters. ♥️


Great story, with amazing characters. And would definitely love to read more😍. I just loved Riya and how strong, bossy and confident she was.


Great story starting with the rivals..😀😀😀😀😀😀😀hhaa.. strong leads not any simple arranged marriage bit fun with twisted 👍👍👍 keep updated .


Good start. I thought it would a usual arrange marriage story where the parents decided for the main characters marriage partners. Not really the case. And good to see that the female lead is weak type. Enjoyed it. Would be awesome if there some naughty scenes. but its just me of course harhar. Good job author.


I just love it! I've been hooked since I started and I hated that work had to delay me... but now I can proudly say it... I LOVE IT! Common, just go read this story, you know it's kind of like a break from all those boring cliche writing. Yeah, I don't mean to say it's not cliche with that and all but then, cliche is different from cliche, I just like... I'm short of words, I'm not the type to read cliche let me just be honest but this story made me read it and... common just go see for yourself man... You would bless me when you are done, I promise


your story does has it own elements to where it going and that nice. everything good nothing to report wrong, but just a lttle heads up check out grammarly it can be helpful. lovely story hope it grows into a great one same-day


Interesting take on a love-hate story. The Female lead is strong, confident and icy... but still child-like in some ways. The male male lead seems to have strong convictions and will go the extra mile for those he cares about. I find their interactions hilarious and intense. I've only read the first 4 chapters for now, but keep wanting to read more. Especially after that cliff hanger in the end; I'm curious about the Female lead's secret. Definitely worth reading!


A very good work from beginning to end, the truth is that I would like to know more, but I feel that an extension could eliminate the good ending that it has, I feel that the character of Tanya could have given more, but I am satisfied with the work


The story overall is pretty good, and the narration is pretty neat. The emotion and personality of the characters can be easily understand it's amazing. I look forward to the progression of the story!


an energetic story with straightforward writing! I looove the comedic relief, but even more, RIYA! You strong girl. About the male lead? He's great too, WE will be annoyed together with Riya as misunderstandings keep separating them omg. This is a great guilty pleasure read for me! Good work Author, I'm waiting for the next chapter!