1 The weaking transferred to another world

I didn't know why I was brought to this world but I knew one thing I wasn't going to be weak anymore. The day was July 20th, 2031 I was getting ready to go to school when I look outside my window when I saw it happen. a schoolgirl was taken by force I saw this but didn't do a thing why? because I'm nothing but a weakling.

Why do I think of myself this way? because all of my life everyone I know thought of me as a bug I was an accident a piece of trash made. My father is a rich man and my mother a maid. my piece of trash of father hides me away from everything. he sent me to a remote town in the middle of nowhere. I enjoy my high school life I have good grades I have some friends but one thing is the constant bullying in this school.

I knew it was a trap the love note in my locker was planted but something in my heart wanted me to go to see if someone loved me. they wanted to meet on the train tracts behind the school I went to. one girl was standing there I went closer but then 5 guys from the basketball team popped out of nowhere they ran towards me. I tried to run. away but they were just to fast for me to outrun.

they threw punch after punch. I couldn't cry I punched them and ran away but one mistake was not looking where I was going. I ran straight into a train I died right there. a quick painful death then I heard a voice I opened my eyes and I was in another world I was reincarnated. I still vaguely remember my past life. but that's was years ago I'm 9 years old working on the farm helping my father. some stuff happened thru my life like that one time I got to meet the heroes they ere so cool if only could have powers as they have.

My father is a farmer working for the duke that rules over the town with a fist I saw many people get executed in front of me for insulting him. we get paid very poorly thanks to the taxes he put on this town. the only way to ever live a life in this world is having powers and working as an adventurer. its a very dangerous line of work but it pays well. my father actually used to be one but he watched his friends get massacred in a c rank mission. he told me that if I was deemed to have powers to not be an adventurer.

he tells me this not out of love but out of fear of watching his son die for corrupted kingdom. my life has been good I'm actually a pretty good farmer my father says he told me to keep this up and the duke might notice me and I might become one of his private farmers. they don't get paid but they get to live in the castle.

another way to make money is the worst way possible by killing another human being.

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a strange man came to our house today he said we should leave the area. It is said some demons were found near our farm. the man told our father he could hire an adventurer to help us but. my father told him we don't have even near enough money to hire them. the man said he's boss could pay for it but with a fee. that fee was one my father could never accept the fee was me he said he would hire adventure for me. my father said they can take anything else. the man said there nothing worth of equal value in this trash home he said. The man left after that and my mother told me and my mother to start packing. I could see wanted to cry but he couldn't. the way this trash world works is horrible. we heard from some people we were staying with that the town we were living in was completely destroyed by the demon king's army. they said that when the king's army got there there was nothing but rumble. My father said it was the incompetent king fault for not gathering men to prepare for the attack sooner.