1 Transfer student

Violet's pov (point of view)

" what a beautiful morning" I said while yawning

It was 7am

"shit , today is my first day at school" I quickly stood up and rushed into the bathroom to shower. Then I quickly wore my new uniform and rushed downstairs. much to my surprise I saw my cousin , bliss ( who I will be attending the same school with since my former school was to far from home) and her dad, Mr Martins having their breakfast.

" Good morning , Violet" Mr Martin said

"Good morning" I answered with a hug

"How was your night rest?"

"Awesome. how was yours"


He dished my food into a plate

"why are you glaring at me?"

" You Didn"t bother to call me"


*Foot steps*

"Are you guys not done yet, time is not by our side" Mrs Martin yelled .she took a bite of her sandwich her husband made for her then instructed I and bliss to wait in her car.

"bye honey" Mrs Martin said

"Bye dad "

*Listening to love you, hate you by Keke plamer*

The drive seemed short.

When we got to school I was excited and nervous , being my first day at school as a fresher . We( Violet and bliss) waved at Mrs Martins before she drove off.

" so ....let"s go" bliss said


She greeted her friends and some of her classmates on our way to the class. Then I bumped into a cute guy who was so handsome, he was tall, he has a dark brown hair with blue eye.this was my first slow moment which lasted for one minute.

" sorry" he said

"that"s fine" i said

Then he walked away

" do you know that guy"s? "I asked bliss

"No , I think he is one of the transfer student cuz his face is new" she said .

When we entered the class . I sat at an empty sit at the back .

*Few minutes later*

The English teacher entered the class, we all stood up to greet the teacher then a guy walked in with his black bag.

"I"m sorry for being late ma"am " he said

"that"s fine the... wait, are you one of the transfer student?" the teacher, miss Olivia asked"Yes ma"am"

"Oh I see what"s your name?" she asked

" i"m Alex" he said

"okay , nice I"m miss Olivia , you can have the chair at the back"she said

"Thanks ma"am"

He walk to the sit.

" oh my God , why is he sitting beside me, oh no this is really bad " i said

"He is so cute " some girls whispered

* After an hour of awkwardness*

"finally the class is over"s I said

" hey, can I have your schedule. " Alex asked

"are you talking to me" I said


" well, I do not have it now " I said

"oh I see , by the way I am Alex you"

"I"m Violet " i said

" Violet that is a very nice name" he said

"thanks" I said

" you"re welcome" he said

" hey girl, it is lunch time" she said

" Alex this is my cousin bliss"

" nice to meet you bliss I"m Alex" Alex said

" so can we go now" I said



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