1 Prologue/Beginning

Inside a dark room, one can see the personality of the owner, full of fan-fic posters, manga's, novels, figurines, and snacks in one shelf with a small mini cooler beside

A beautiful young man with long black hair tied in a messy bun, wearing black thick round glasses covering the intoxicating phoenix-blue jewel like eyes, his small nose and cheeks red, shaped into an adorable pout, his red lips pursed due to excitement watching the laptop playing an obscene and full or erotism, simply not wanting to miss a single scene

The man was thin and pale but healthy, wearing a simple cotton pajamas and covered with warm blanket while hugging a long pillow with a printed face of a man pair looking ambiguous

Outside the room is a living room, kitchen and storage room and was actually clean without dirt or anything, but a simple accident can happen when the owner was careless

Fire was quickly spread, the man inside, however was distracted and was also wearing a wireless earphones as he was unable to react when an accident happened and the worst scenario was granted

The man died with panic turned helplessness into a gentle smile, although it's a waste when no one saw the angel's last smile for the world..


Utopia, Northern Region, Larvina Forest

A holy golden light shone in a nearby waterfalls that have a calming view perfect for pictures, sadly, no one was there to appreciate since they will only be distracted by the golden light beside

Seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours as house became days..

In a very slow pace the golden light turned pure white as it also began to turn in particles getting absorbed by the thing that made all those phenomenon

When the light was fully absorbed a more astonishing thing appeared..

A young boy about 10 years old was lying there, he have gentle golden neck length hair, long dark black fanning eyelashes causing a shadow to his white cheeks that have a slight pink hue, his little nose slightly wiggle cutely with his red blood lips that looks sweet and addicting

The boy was curled with his p and exposed, only showing his wide and beautiful slender back and two cheeks that seems to be fluffy and smooth as cotton and silk when touched


Unfortunately no one was there to be awed at the youth, nevertheless even when the sun came down and moon came up, the boy never woke up as the forest was quite and unbothered

A small pink glow shone at the youth's head and disappeared as fast as it appeared.. well that was only a small episode but will cause a huge change.. anyways..

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Even if that forest was as quiet as chickens unconscious, the outside world was not..

From different places of Utopia, the future's most powerful and most feared creatures all received their own memories as they began their own actions, crazy enough to cause a new era.. well that's for the future plans now they are just small weakling who only knows hatred..

Well.. who knows if some unpredictable things happened as they began to create another story..?

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