5 Drop and updates

Please read themmmm allllll

I don't really have any more ideas to continue this, nor do I have the inspiration to create it smooth sailing and interesting, most of all since I don't really know face-slapping

Other than that, this story made me bored, it's just kinda boring when I think about it more and more, my main idea in this story is actually MC raised the ML's then defeating the fate, villain after going through many adventures then finding out the ML's is all one people the u know papapa.. I got authors block though since I'm still low in experience of world building.. and P. S I never write Harem they are a sin to all romance it sucks. well other then threesome, everything is OK, like 'King of the End of the world' or something in the tittle, u know the MC from a cultivation world with a sister that was reborn.. it got nice smutty chaps too


So it's dropppppp

And let's create another story, what can I do~ I don't really know how to delete a book from my stacks, the limit is 20 after all... or maybe it's because I'm just still level 2

I know you all don't need to read this, after all. this is just nonsense chatter of saying this book is dropppppp

And as if I have any readers here..

Next story will be like in a new volume... this is pretty much that~ 😅

Well, my babies, the next story is about a boy who got a system went to different planes then went back to his original world being OP and so, then find himself to be the real child of the so-called middle class family, called Su

But, hear me out, I don't think this can also finish~

Then like, don't expect face-slappjng and such, like I said above, face-slapping is what I enjoy but can't create~ and pretty much is a real newbie about it and have no talent for it

I prefer a smooth journey with lots of adventure but have no angst, bad misunderstandings, tortures, nor an MC who totally have an IQ of an idiotic cliché MC's, so this story will most likely be a..

Mischievous, way too cautious and easily bored MC as he go to adventures.. the ML... i don't know, or maybe I won't add it, but there will be smut, for MC love anal xxx, in the later period.. pretty much still a BL


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MC is a student in college specializing in Economics then when he was on the way to his fishing destination got transported in another worl but was exiled due to be a failure then he travelled as he cook using his special skills and live a fulfilling, road to OP life~

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