4 003 Eight Returners

Outside that very forest is where everything will begin, a new fate shall bloom in this cycle of life..

8 races, Human, Elf, Beastman, Dwarves, Mermaids, Demons, Angels, and Dragons, all came from the lowest of the low came to the forest to break the fate they hate, that made them crazy and maniac, for three lives, they accepted the same humilation over and over again even with going from a different path, it was ironic..

It's not the pain they felt that made then crazy, it's because of the fact they knew the secret, every path and corner of the world but never be able to escape the fucking fate they went, hatred was already in their bones and they are crazy enough to want to kill everyone.. well it's not like they never did that, it just still didn't work..

So their only choice is to go In the Forest of Lost Fate.. they are not afraid to die but they don't want to accept the fact their fates are entangled and controlled together, it felt like a heavens joke..


But the only way to untie it is to walk and battle with it..

One step, two step, three step..


Eight small kids around six years old was caught in a fast pace, well of course they will be, after all they are just small and powerless kids, the eight kids know the monsters inside the forest doesn't eat any humans and plants are just treasure boxes.. but

Who the fuck attacked them?

Looking at the kids beside them, they tacitly understood they have their memories intact from both three lives..

Daffodil with a small step landed in front of the small tresspassers.. so small!

Floating up in cross legged he asked the kids curiously,

"Hey, what are you all doing here?" He poke one of the kids he caught, they have no bad intentions though, so it's fine? Well, he can deal with them anyways of the do something wrong

Eight pair of deep and lifeless eyes looked at him, which cause Daffodil to be scared, he was never looked like that before.. he, he, he felt wronged

"Ugh... sniff* huk.... wuwuwuw!! I.. I'm not e-even doing.. sniff.. anything, wuwhw" Large drops of water came out of the red rimmed eyes, he stopped floating and was kneeling on the floor then suddenly a small fluff ball at the size of two hands appeared

"There, there, they might have been scared by you that's why they looked like that at you, you say what I taught you," Marie helplessly coaxed the crybaby, yep no matter how powerful this baby of his is he still is a crybaby

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"R-really? B-but I feel like it's.. hick.. not like that..?" Daffodil tilted his head and stopped crying

"Your misreading it,"

"Ugh.. Ehem, my name is Daffodil Iris Cattail, I'm a.. a.. fate maker..?" The proud posture of the boy became deflated when the fluff ball whispered something

"Yes, yes, of course I'm a Fate Changer!!"

The boys was actually dumbfounded, they don't get this at all, their high IQ can't keep up, but they do know this boy is not lying, they after all already live for three lives and can tell what's wrong and right.. just that..

Are fate changers this.. small?

"Can you change our fate then?" The calmest of then asked, Dave knew they don't have any choice, plus their lives are on his hands that kinda irked him.. oh, no, THEM

"Of course I do! I will just cast my spell on you!" Before Daffodil do the skill he was stopped by Marie

"Marie..?" Confused, he looked at the fluff ball, the adults in a kids body also looked over

"..They are not the same, those kids have a fate that can't be easily broken and will always be the same no matter how you change it,"

"Umm.. in other words I'm useless?" Daffodil indifferently said as if being useless doesn't hurt his pride, which was pretty much true since he don't know what pride is

The kids frowned, does that mean it's useless? our fate really is sealed?

"Ugh, no, you can actually change it, well you have to always stay with them.."

When the kids heard this they froze and reluctantly agreed, well it won't be a problem the kid will also agree anyways, who wouldn't want to be with a handsome--


They looked up, seriously, our charm didn't work??

Marie looked at the handsome and cute kids and felt pity, well I'm sorry, I didn't taught my child to know how beautiful a person's face is, what if he became a face-con, that will be a huge problem, most of all when he himself was stunning~

"Why?!" A red haired child with childish and handsome look asked annoyed

"Ugh.. well, I have been living in this place since birth, this is my hometown!"

Truthfully nothing is around in this forest anyways, all the treasures was stored in Daffodil's space, hidden or not, herbs and such are also in his space, the animals also gave them two each of their eggs, so everything single thing in this forest is not new to Daffodil anymore but still.. this was the place he was born, where Marie and him met!

"Actually you kids should just stay here instead, it's safer here, and Daffodil go create a barrier, strong enough that even God's can't come in or any artifacts,"


Before the males could protest Daffodil created the barrier with a snap of his fingers, nevertheless the kids wasn't satisfied

"Our fate connection can come and go even with this kind of barrier, we already tried it many times.. " They grumbled causing Marie to be shocked

"What?? No way, it seems this fate is stronger than I thought.."

"Then.. should I create a stronger one?" Daffodil doesn't understand what is happening, the only thing he knew is that he have to change the fate of this kids

Marie looked at his son, his son can create a better one?? When did she taught him?

"Ugh.. well I somehow find the data easy.. it's just imagining it right?" The boys nodded in agreement, actually this time Marie don't understand the conversation.. is this the difference between an A. I and a human?

Getting affirmation, Daffodil clapped his small hands as a gust of a huge magic power was released and spread to the whole forest creating another barrier that challenges the fate

This time the red hair boy didn't say anything, they feel like chains kept unlocking from their souls that made them more talented and light, the boy found the changes as they obediently sat and now that they have time, they carefully observed the face they are extremely unfamiliar with but will create a huge change in their lives

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