3 002 Teaching and Legend

Marie was shocked, truthfully she knows her own passing grade that's why she still doesn't have a Host, she have the highest cheats, gifts, authority and most advance functions and ability, but if her host is already OP adding with her automatic given cheats that will arrive in just one more hour this will be a disaster, it's a good thing her host doesn't have memories and have an innate likable personality

Of course, the boy himself doesn't know anything about such things not does his future self care, he himself have a natural cleanser of any evil thoughts so destroying the world, killing, and more sins are not to be thought by him at all, well if someone does want to harm him he will just make a better scheme that can make sure the others downfall but have a chance to live, well that's for the future, now he was just a small baby in a 10 years old body

Marie thinks she should teach her Host first about common sense.. well if it will be properly taught?

[Host should have a name! what does Host want his name to be?]

"Name..? Marie, name?" The clever baby thinks it's like this and within his expectations he was praised

[Yes, Marie is my name, what is Host's name?]

"Unnnn..?" He knows Marie was asking his name, but he doesn't know it so he shakes his head and looked down, aggrieved

Marie who can feel it's host: .... ok, it's her fault, she should have known, sigh* she wonders whether she can do this

[Ehem, Host's name is Daffodil Iris Cattail, a name for the new beginning, the new hope and for peace]

"Daffodil..? Un! Un! Daffodil, name!" Daffodil laughed and clapped his hands, as if confirming it was the right name a notification resounded


{???> Daffodil Iris Cattail}


{New! Perk: 50% chance of changing the fate in the vicinity, from bad to good}


Daffodil doesn't care and just repeated the name until Marie interrupted his musing

[Does Daffodil felt uncomfortable?]

"Un!" Daffodil answered positively, he felt like that's what he was feeling now, Marie really is so,so,so... ughhh.. ? Anyways, Daffodil shook his head to erase those thoughts and listen to Marie

[Huhu, did you hear this sound?----Gururu~]

"Wahh~" He nodded his head like a chicken pecking, with shiny eyes in his beautiful irisis, curiosity was evident

[It came from here, (The ball of light floats to his stomach), It means Daffodil is hungry]

As if on cue, the sound once again came out and Daffodil was awed but what does hungry means?

[Here Host, host should eat this!] Marie gave a nutritious bento straight from the cultivation world where food are advanced and healthy, only for 5 points which wasn't that much!

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A wooden bento two story box suddenly appeared on his two hands, the boy was a bit startled but still curious what's inside the big box

Daffodil separated the two boxes then opened both, showing an aroma and colorful food screaming of 'Delicious' in all parts, a roasted rich duck, mushroom soup, sticky tuna rice, fruit and vegetables salad

Truthfully this is what it means to worry, Daffodil knows nothing and Marie only knows it tastes good so both didn't know that the dishes have rich spiritual energy that only cultivators can eat it without obstacles

Fortunately, really fortunate, the MC have an automatic recycling in his stomach so eating it even with a mortal body, it will only make him more energized and full

(P.S. Mob, cannon fodder and side characters can't eat this or they will surely die!)

After eating, Daffodil felt very good he clapped and giggled, it looks pure and innocent that can make everyone's heart warm

Thus one week passed, Daffodil was taught daily hygiene and survival intermediate skills coming from the gifts of his system

Martial arts, weaponary, stitching, creating fire, building houses made of rocks, navigation, knowledge about plants and animals, first aid in different injuries from physical to mental, fishing, farming, many things

Marie also taught him how to use his skills, abilities, and magic by showing pictures of basic things and how to create it and how to be creative, and also verify a person's intentions to him, truthfully this all finished in a week because of Daffodil's amazing memory and talent

Daily foods are nutritious that can upgrade the physical, mental and soul ability all came from the stocks in Marie's inventory, almost half of it are legendary foods and also from different world so one can say they are indeed healthy.. just too healthy, well it's only for a week anyways

And so a person with no common sense came out of the one week teaching but have many skills that can make one envy in the ten years old body that have been recently born!

Daffodil wearing an elven like hunter clothes, a tight dark green shirt only covering the upper chest that have gold body accessories with light green suspenders hooked at the loose green and silver harem pants (hey, search this, I carefully researched this!!), his arms covered with tight silk tube gloves as his ankles also have gold bracelets in a brown sandal..

His hair tied in a small braid, as his bright eyes looked around the forest and jump from trees to trees with quiet footsteps, fast and precise..

One week is long, long enough for travelers to arrive in their destinations, soul of an adult with the body of a child came inside the forest that made others tremble and frown in fear and depression

The Forest of Lost Fate..

Millennium years ago, the species in the world is only one, the angels, peace was erupted though big and full of vitality, it was never the best..

Legends once said, this forest was the most peaceful and perfect forest, luck, fate and fertility will always starts there first, monsters are easy to hunt and everyone live peacefully..

Everything was harmonious until outsiders found their place, the insiders were at first wary but when the outsiders treated them like treasures they became happy, no one knows it was the beginning of the demise that everyone will hate and regret..

Years passed, nothing changed but anyone have their own selfish desires, the outsiders found the land wealthy and extremely lucky, the people are ignorant and innocent and can be trusted and also easy to trust others as they decisively made a horrible and viscous plan

It did work, but what the others didn't know the people inside can feel the intentions deep in their hearts, but they ignored it, they keep deceiving themselves since curiousity is always in their bones and that leaded to their demise and last crucial counterattack

So when the land was about to be owned by the outsiders the village smiled and said, combining all their powers and will,

"In this world full of greed and sins, A curse shall thee effect thou and shall thee never be able to go outside once inside the forest, monsters and treasures shall always be planted and raised as the highest defense, and all yourselves will thee's demise face, The world will be divided till one day, the future leaders capable enough will connect and work together! A never ending cycle!"

No one believed it, but when it happened they became utterly disappointed and sad but they knew their own mistakes for any creatures are ignorant no matter how smart they are..

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