1 life is hard

"Luke, you've been here for three years."

"After three years, you cannot even grow the simplest dread flame flower, I think you should start considering a new path."

"you know about headmaster feelings towards you, but at the rate, you're going, we will have to kick you out of school. Furthermore, you know the current situation, regarding the school …"

Saying so, the man turned around and left, leaving Luke all alone in the lab.

Luke rubbed his nose, showing a bitter smile on his face. guess I going to have to leave before I might as well talk to the headmaster.

The person earlier was called Bourse, one of the members of the small giant race and also the brother of the headmaster and runs a plant Shop, he is one famous Master botanist of Clayborn City.

Three years ago, it was the headmaster who brought me to the Bourse plant Shop, to get some medicine after being attacked by poison wolf flower preventing him from dying of illness in the streets.

And the day that headmaster brought him back was also the day that he transmigrated to this world.

For the last three years in the botanist school, I had been working hard to learn the art of creating techniques that give plants life.

But even after three years, I did not succeed even once.

If not for headmaster Willson, I would have been chased out already.

For the last three years, he saw batches of students leaving the botanist school.

But it did not matter if came earlier than him or those who came later, regardless of their status, they had all better skills and became botanists.

Only he was the anomaly.

Bourse had talked to me many times, asking him to find a new path for myself. However, he could not overcome the force of my persistence and Stubbornness.

I am going to miss all of this, the place became home after transmigrated three years ago well it always good branch out and see the world, there a lot of things out there I don't know and have not seen.

well before I go talk to Willson I would like to try one more time.

Shaking his head and tossing away his scattered thoughts, I walked to the table and held up beakers at the side.

Soon, the sound of things exploding could be heard from within the lab.


Outside, bourse shook his head helplessly.

He did not want to chase Luke away either, but…

If Luke could create even a single most basic plant life, it would have been fine.

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But the reality was, Luke, did not even have the skill to manage to create a single plant life.

Not only that, Luke did not show any talent in cultivation either, he showed no signs of being able to become a warrior augmentor or awaken the potential to use magic.

Such a person could only be an ordinary man in this life.

If he were to die one day, I would like to Luke take over the entire plant Shop.

Rather than that, he might as well start making preparations to find ways for Luke to survive on his own in the future.

Right after Bourse made this decision, he decided that after getting the materials this time, he would find his old friend and try to arrange a simple job for Luke.

Ballard Continent.

It was a world with magic and warriors, not only were their humans, but there were also vampires, elves, dwarves, and other races.

Luke was currently in Clayborn City, a city at the fringe of the Toblar Empire of Ballard Continent.

Even though there was no war ongoing, the rules of the survival of the fittest still remained.

A person like Luke without talent or skill had absolutely no status at all.

He knew that he and the headmaster could not protect Luke.

In the lab, Luke was Pouring his mixture iron bowl that was glowing reddish-black from the heat.

The sweat from his forehead fell on the fire, creating sizzling noises.

At this moment, Luke's expression was filled with determination as he suked up the mixture in a syringe and inject it into the rose.

As the rose started to glow it started to change into something else with a snake-like body but soon after it withered and die.

He did not succeed!

He did not want to leave the lab, he did not want his hard work of over three years to end up with nothing.

Right now, there was no alternative for him because he did not succeed!

"It has been three years, why, why can't I succeed even once? Even once!" Luke was unrelenting.

Well, I guess it's time to say my goodbyes let's go to the headmaster first and tell him I will be leaving.

It was and long and lonely was to the headmaster office, I knock on the door I waited few seconds the headmaster opened the door we set down and talked for a bet then told him I was leaving.

"Luke, are you sure about this because I don't want you to make any rash decision that you will regret in the future."

"Yes, I am sure I think me being here is giving you and the school and bad reputation."

"If you are sure take any book on the shelf over there and take this key, it's to my house in Lockwood city I don't use it anymore might a well let you have it."

I took the key, and when to the bookshelf to select a book, the book that I selected had a three-headed flower on it with golden engraving.

"I see you pick that book make sure to read it very carefully something good might happen or it will destroy your mind."

And after that he gave me a vile a said that it will help with my cultivation then he kicked me out of his office he did not even let me ask questions about the book, as I was packing up Bourse came with some item gave them to me.

"I heard from my brother that you were leaving, here some money a called a carriage for you, here take this note and give it to the housekeeper he will know what to do, hope come back visit we will miss you now I will take my leave."

Before he left I hug him, holding back the tears I told him I will miss them too he smiles hugs me we both let go he leaves, I cry for a little bit finish packing my things hop in the carriage getting ready to leave.

As the carriage look back at the school until I could not see it anymore, then I ask the driver how long will it be until we get Lockwood city, he said it will take 2 weeks to get there with nothing else to do I tack out the book..

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