1 reincarnation

"Ohh, so bright,"

That was the only thing that I can say at the moment.

When my eyes adapt from the brightness I was suddenly assaulted by a stinging pain in my butt that causes me to shout different types of curses but instead of words coming out of my mouth it was only a baby cry while I was cursing for the one that hurt me or more like crying, I was then embrace by a big hand which causes me to feel the warmth and secure sensation that causes me to slowly fall a sleep.


4 years later.

I was now 4 years old and I was walking to the direction of my families library.

Yup, you heard that right, our family had a library but its not like in library from my previous world which was called Earth that has many types of books, while the books in my families library mostly consist of books about the history of the Dior kingdom, some books about mathematics and many other books from different topics but the real reason why I was going to our library is because of those books about magic, you heard that right folks 'magic' the one thing on my previous world that doesn't exist.

Ohh! Right I almost forgot to introduce myself,

I am Silvergraft Fullbring Haddsson but in Earth I was know as Travis Hodges, as for my looks, I had a brown colored hair while having a red colored eyes.

As for my life in Earth, I was able to live until 69 which I was killed by that truck kun even though I was in my house chilling while reading some novel that sh*t bulldozed my house including me and killing me in the process even though my house was behind two house it was still unscientific how the truck was able to bulldozed even my house.

I just sighed deeply calming himself down after remembering my death at Earth.

"Young master you should go—"

"Nope, not going nah ahh,

"Its so hot outside"

I replied to my personal maid that was following right behind me.

If you want to know her name she is Mary Jane Dolores, what? are you expecting her last name to be Watson just because she had a red hair and even with that maid outfit that she wear I have a feeling that she had a sexy body but its just a feeling cause I might be wrong as for her age I think it might be somewhere in between 17 to 23 in my guesstimate, so anyway back to main topic.

After a few minutes we finally arrived at the library.

I just nonchalantly entered since I know that the old man wasn't there because he is at his office room sorting out those paperwork that is as high as the mountain.

I have this place just for myself.

I called my father old man because I like seeing his face turning sour while my mom would laugh at him while covering her mouth.

While I was getting the book that I haven't finished last time I chuckle as I remember my father's reaction the first time I called him old man, the book that I took was actually about the magic beast that can only be found in the vicinity of the Dior kingdom.

As for the books pertaining about magic system of this world that you all might be interested in knowing, I had already finished reading about those books since it was the first thing that I picked up the moment I learned that the library had it.

As for the reason why I was able to read the books of this world, will its actually simple since the language that they use here is English which I had some background in my previous life so I was able to read it.

As for the reaction of my parents the moment they came to know that their child was able to read, they only had shocked expression in their face at that time they found me reading the books in the library when I was just two years old, it was a good thing that they didn't suspected and interrogate me and just thought that I was a genius, although I wouldn't deny that I was a genius…

In my own right that is.

Anyway lets talk about this world's magic system, the information or should I say the common sense of this world mage's is that a mage can only have one elemental affinity in his/her whole life, although there are some rare cases that I read in the book once that some mage could awaken two or more elemental affinity but that's just one in a million chance, as for the energy that the mage use to cause the phenomenon called is called the cosmic energy…

I'm just kidding about that part, it is actually called 'mana' as for how magic works I don't know since I didn't have any personal experience and also because I still haven't awaken my magic power, as for how I know that I would awaken it, will the reason is simple its because my family had a bloodline of a mage that came from my grandfather.

Although my father wasn't successful in his journey as a mage for some unknown reason that I don't know, but I suspect that it might be those cliché thingy the I read in the novel from my previous life and I am also not interested in knowing so who cares.

Going back to the topic, the time that I would awaken my magic is the time when I reached the age of 6 so there are still two more years to go and the only thing I can do to past my time is to read the books in our library since I don't want to play outside because I just don't feel like it, imagine having an adult mind even with a body of a child it still feel awkward to play like a child although I am a child but I'm not interested since reading this book can help me survive in this world that is in a medieval period that also has a magic.