1 Fire?

Our kingdom was the most prosperous and powerful. We respected and cared about our citizens, and they respected us, the royal family, specifically our mysterious powers over the element fire. Fire, made our lands what they are now, fire was an important aspect in everyone's lives. Our whole kingdom was run by respect for power. The powerful, respected and protected the powerless. In our kingdom, weakness was never a problem. There were plenty of jobs to go around for the people, and the people who had natural born talent for control over fire, could choose to join the army. The fighters all needed to control fire, and for the people they worked to protect, the royal family, impeccable control over fire was what gave them any face, and made them worthy of respect. Our last emperor was the most respected and most powerful man in the kingdom, and world. The tales of his accomplishments make every folk tale of our time. How he slew the great ice dragon of legend, and how he singlehandedly fought the once thought to be invincible army of lore. At least, he was, a great emperor. It has now been a year and a half since the old emperor died, his only heir Liusung, is two years old now. Children usually show signs of awakening their flame control at the age of 2, the old empress had high expectations of the to be emperor for the last few months as she had consulted an oracle. She had found out that young Liusung would have an awakening just 3 days later, and made preparations for his awakening ceremony, although she had been warned that it would be nothing like what she expected. The empress assumed that Liusung would exceed her expectations. Eventually, the day of awakening came by, the empress and all of the royal family members crowded around Liusung, who was on a throne, and watched in anticipation. Minutes passed by, and nothing happened. They were all starting to worry about Liusung, if anything were to go wrong, he would become the shame of the family, and would be frowned upon by all of the world. Minutes later after everyone's patience had been tested, the empress, out of worry, started crying. As the royal family calmed her down, Liusung tried reaching for his mother. What happened next would be the start of the birth of the new greatest kingdom. The empress's tears started flowing towards Liusung, and made a little ball of water in his palm. He couldn't help but stare in admiration as all of the royal family almost died of heart attack. For the first time since the kingdom was founded, there was a water control, in the fire control kingdom, born into the royal family, who was supposed to be the future flame emperor.

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