The Warmth of Her Spring Sunshine Book

novel - Fantasy

The Warmth of Her Spring Sunshine


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She was the Goddess of Healing, beautiful, charming and gracious. And he was the powerful Demon Lord, fearsome, cold-blooded and heartless. What bound the two completely opposite souls together was a marriage treaty. She was the personification of Spring. Her heart was kind, her soul was bright and innocent, she was everything he was not. Yet she barged into his life like a hurricane and threw him off-guard. She showered him with her love and he couldn't help but fall prisoner to her captivating charm. But there were trials on their way, curses that forced them apart and changes in destiny that hindered them from finding their way towards each other. With all these unfortunate events thrown their way, will they be able to overcome it all or will it just be another tragic ending? This is where our story begins...