The Warlord System

MC is a monster from the word go. He has no qualms about manipulating, breaking, or killing somebody to achieve his goals. Massive Harem, the MC is greedy. [This is fantasy, not real life, if you think any of this is represents the real world or you are offended by this, seek out mental help, and as for legal, two things: first and foremost, evil doesn't care what's legal or not it will do whatever it feels like that's why it's evil, secondly what's illegal or frown upon in one place and be culturally acceptable in another for example in Japan a person is considered a legal adult at 15, they can work, live on their own, and be accountable for their own decisions.]

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55 Chs

SoTtE Arc - 7

Khan watched as everyone was cleaning up the aftermath. They had successfully rescued a vital position. Once the trains start rolling the Federation will realize this location's true value. That being said, they are already massing a large force to take the city, or more specifically the major.

Unfortunately, Khan would need to pull his weight with this one. So, he decided to make some improved defensive measures for what's to come. Some landmines, some pitfalls, and a few elevated machine gun nests. It wouldn't stop the Federation, but it would make their losses more significant.

After admiring his handy-work he decided to relax while he waited. Tanya was sleeping so, he knew it wouldn't be long.

And it wasn't. The alarm went off as it was spotted that tens of thousands of infantry were surging towards the city. Something happened that Khan hadn't expected but still prepared for, was the Federation's mages being released and used in this battle. Explosions were plenty as men cried out from being cut down. The sheer numbers of the enemy was practically overwhelming. Khan was excited by the intensity of the situation. The hellscape of the battlefield was covered in the muck consisting of a mixture of blood and mud.

Hot lead and spells soar through the air. Khan was shooting down enemy mages at will, the screams of the dying as they explode was amusing. Khan took a small break hidden from the battle in order to listen to the desperate pleas of the field commanders.

It went as expected, the field commanders were screaming that they were barely making any progress and they desperately needed the heavy weapons. The man on the other end was listening half-heartedly. After drinking his beverage some more, he decided to casually relay the message and say that the front line was was making slow progress and they were requesting the heavy weapons if any were available.

The man at the capital who received the message, hurriedly went to the party members and with enthusiasm declared that the front line were making great progress and they didn't need any additional support. The party members started glad-handing themselves like they were the ones on the front line and they had already won.

Khan resumed his part in the conflict. He noticed that Tanya's mages, while powerful, well trained, and had an incredible amount of combat experience, were starting to falter. Exhaustion from the nonstop fighting was taking its toll. Khan started taking a more active role as he decided to draw his sword for the first time in a while. He didn't to unseal it since it's base form was enough to cut through most of their barriers.

He didn't bother keeping track, he just cut them down. Soon enough a flare went off signaling to the Federation soldiers to enter a full retreat. Without looking Khan knew what was going to happen. First the party members would have to get over the shock of having a report tell them that they were on the cusp of victory only to have the next report tell them it was a total route. Then they would reorganize their lines. After that there would be a massive blame game to see who would take responsibility for such a devastating loss.

Khan looked into the aftermath of this battle. Among Tanya's mages, while plenty of injuries there was no casualties. The same could not be said for the stationed defenders. There newly promoted commander was among the dead. Tanya took that as a reminder that as long as she was on the front lines she was endanger. She did as anyone who actually knew her expected her to do. She put in for a transfer, a position in the rear deployment, where she would file paperwork and create experimental strategies.


Tanya was finishing up another proposal. She had been in this new assignment for two months now. It was nearing the end of the day. She was enjoying the assignment, she figured if kept showing how much value she would be in this position then her superiors would keep her there.

As she filed the paper she left her office to get some dinner, and then she would go to bed. On a whim she decided to take a different path to the kitchen. The building for the most part is empty. During their first month here, Tanya's men were on edge, expecting to be told that reporting to the front line at any time. Now though, some are using their accumulated leave to see family and other loved ones. While others tend to spend their evenings in town eating out. As long as they were capable of doing their duties the next day then Tanya didn't mind.

As she wondered on what she would have for dinner, Tanya noticed Khan's door was slightly ajar. She was going to ignore it, but a soft moaning emitting from the room had her curious. She wasn't really prepared for what she saw.

While she expected to see either Schubert or Serebryakov. Tanya was not expecting both and two other women in top of that. Serebryakov was naked and passed out, Schubert was laying next to her awake but clearly exhausted. Tanya's eyes went to Khan.

He was currently pounding away at another girl. Tanya couldn't see her face as it was pressed into a pillow. An attempt to stiffle her moaning. Her pale skin and light brown hair caused her to seem familiar, but Tanya couldn't place her. All Tanya knew was this woman was not apart of her unit.

Khan began to speed up and then was motionless after one final thrust. The girl arched her back and then promptly passed out with her naked ass hanging out for all to see. Khan sat at the edge of his bed and then said, "Well Mary reached her limit again, Vivi come here and clean, it's your turn."

The last woman began to crawl towards Khan, heavy breathing signifying how excited she was. Tanya couldn't look away as the girl called Vivi began to almost lovingly use her mouth to lick and suck Khan's cock.

Vivi moved with increased enthusiasm, then with a light tap on her shoulder, she stopped. Vivi then stood up and positioned herself. Without hesitation she impaled herself. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Schubert was there. She began to make-out with Vivi. As Vivi continued to bounce at Khan's pace, Khan turned his head to Schubert and said, "Aisha as always I am impressed, you always manage to get a second round in during our little group sessions." Schubert responded by acting with more enthusiasm.

Khan then began to roughly grope Vivi's ass with both of his hands, and he also began to suck on Vivi's breasts. The sensation was slowly overwhelming Vivi. Soon enough, Khan slammed Vivi on more time, a muffled scream escaped from her mouth before promptly passing out.

Despite Schubert laying her gently on the ground, Vivi was still sprawled out, body twitching from the experience. Khan immediately turned his attention to Schubert, it looked like he was going to be more intimate with her, but then the door suddenly slammed shut. The suddenness of it caused Tanya to take an involuntary step back.

Having realized what she was doing, Tanya immediately left the area, not wanting a misunderstanding to occur. Images of what she witnessed kept flashing through her mind. The problem was that in both of her lives, she had always been focused on achieving the goal of a comfortable lifestyle.

The idea of any relationship outside of business was, in her mind, a frivolous waste of time. But now seeing it with such intensity, her logical mind was thrown for a loop.

Another month has passed sense that night, Tanya threw herself into her work, mostly because whenever she is free her mind will constantly replay that night. Tanya's focus was broken as Khan entered her office. He didn't say anything, he just sat down in a chair. Tanya finished the paper she was working on, figuring that this would be the time to confront him about that night. After she put the finished paperwork away, Tanya turned to face Khan. However, before she could say anything, Khan raised his hand stopping her. Then he pointed to her phone.

As if on que it rang. A chill ran up her spine as she remembered something Khan told her a long time ago. That every attempt she would make to avoid major conflicts would fail. She answered the phone and was growing more concerned as she learned that General Zettour was the one calling her. He started by congratulating on her incredible proposals and that they decided to use one.

Tanya's heart dropped as she was informed that she would in charge of the new mixed unit, code named Salamander. As the call ended, Tanya felt like screaming. Suddenly her attention was brought back to the room as she heard Khan say, "So, Tanya, are you ready to hear my offer?"

Finally it all clicked, and Tanya understood why Khan had waited so long. Khan wanted her to understand that the only way to truly escape this deadly conflict and Being X's manipulations was to accept his offer. Tanya, with a hint of defeat in her voice said, "Let's hear it."

To be fair it was a decent deal. The reason he needed her was not because of her powers, but because she was an office bureaucrat with military experience. It made sense, eventually Khan would need someone to handle real line logistics. The fact that she can defend herself from most potential enemies was a convenient bonus for him. Plus the bonus he was offering her was hard to pass up. Turns out that any individual who works directly for him is not susceptible to the passage of time. Not only could she have that life of luxury she always wanted, but she could also enjoy it for as long as she wanted.

What was causing Tanya pause was a little tidbit. She effectively wouldn't age, so if she wanted to be an adult, she would have to enter a machine of his own creation. She was told out of the six that have already undergone the procedure, there had been only success and no side effects.

The only thing was if she did undergo the procedure there would be a very real chance that she would end up in Khan's bed. As far as she knew it wasn't guaranteed, but was such a possibility worth the risk? As her mind her mind worked through all the scenarios, she slowly came to the conclusion that there was only one choice. Tanya said, "Yes."