The War of Kingdoms and Myths
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The War of Kingdoms and Myths


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What is The War of Kingdoms and Myths

Read The War of Kingdoms and Myths novel written by the author Devon_Word on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Martial Arts stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, fantasy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A young prince who is sheltered his entire life holds the fate of the human race. Growing up, he only knew training and studying. His bloodline allowed for improved abilities compared to others, so this was easy. But now that hell on Earth breaks loose, how will he restore balance and not give into his own temptations outside of the castle walls?


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Amazing writing. Story line is excellent and hooks you in. Each chapter makes me excited to read more. The battle scenes are so well thought out, also very detailed making it easy to picture the story almost like playing a movie in your head while reading each word from the book.


A friend of mine sent this to me to review, and after a reading through what is present a couple of times I think I am finally ready to post my thoughts. In brief, what is present here is the skeleton of a decent novel, haunted by numerous shortcomings and a few outright failures. While the setting created has the potential to be engaging, the story quickly falls apart under scrutiny. Getting past a litany of grammatical and other technical errors, the true sins of this book lie in it's characters and plot. The characters fail to develop any real characterization or depth, opting instead to act as sad parodies of the tropes they are meant to represent. The plot, such as it is, fails to be about much in the way of anything outside some very troubling themes and undertones regarding the treatment of women and the implied genetic superiority of a ruling class. A good story, like all art should tell us something. Whether it is about the world, ourselves, or the medium it takes place in, good art has a voice. What Mr. Word manages to convey here is merely "I enjoy fantasy stories". As do I Mr. Word, but what I read here, though admittedly unfinished, is a story that lacks a firm grasp of what makes the fantasy genre, or even just literary fiction, interesting and engaging in the first place.


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