8 The doctor

(Ryoto's pov)

I was going to bed planning my next move. I decided first to use the gacha ticket I just got from completing the quest. I once again saw a giant wheel spinning. It took some time for it to finally slow down and stop. When I saw what it landed on.

Ryoto: "Woo, yeah, baby! That's what I've been waiting for! That's what's all about!"

It landed on 'Haki.' What's even better is that it's not specific Haki, so I could probably use them all.

I tried to use an Armament Haki as a test, so I focused my will on my arm but... nothing happened. I can't even ask Karen about it because she is at therapy at the moment.

Nothing I can do about it. I'll need to wait for her return, but I'll experiment a bit with Haki during the upcoming week.

When I get my abilities, I never get any instructions about them, just basic instincts on how to use them, but unlike the ones before, Haki is a technique. My eyes and Spider-man's physique are part of my body, so there was no problem with using them even if I'm not proficient in utilizing them.

Speaking of which, I want to go to Ryouko Mikado with my eyes. Maybe she'll be able to tell me something about them that I don't know. I am aware of the basic abilities of All-Seeing Eyes of God. She is the best doctor that I know, and she is trustworthy, in my opinion.

Lala: "Ryoto, let's sleep together!"

Lala burst into my room.

Ryoto: "Sure, hop in."

I moved a little to make room next to me, and Lala snuggled in the bed while hugging my arm.

Ryoto: "Goodnight, Lala."

Lala: "Goodnight."

Shortly after, we fell asleep.


The next day at school, during a lunch break, I went to the nurse's office, and there I found a browned hair, green-eyed nurse.

Ryouko: "Ryoto Yuuki, what brings a healthy young man as yourself wants in the nurse's office?"

She had a teasing simile on her face. One of the most noticeable features is her big pair of breasts.

Ryoto: "I would like to ask you for help."

Ryouko: "And what would that involve?"

I opened my eyes, revealing them to her. At the sight of my unusual-looking eyes, she widened her own.

Ryouko: "What-"

Before she could ask any questions, I said.

Ryoto: "As you can see, my eyes are abnormal compared to other Earthlings, and since you are an alien doctor that has knowledge about many different extraterrestrial races, you would be my best bet to uncover secrets of my eyes."

Ryouko recovered from her shock quickly, showing her professionalism and adaptability.

At my words, she raised her eyebrow.

Ryouko: "Secrets?"

Ryoto: "These eyes are special and have some abilities, but I feel there is more to them than I can see... pan intended."

I then explained some of the things I could do thanks to them. I tried to be as truthful as possible without telling how I got these eyes. You know what they say; never lie to your doctor and lawyer.

After that, she did some basic tests. She opened up one of my eyes and looked into it.

Ryouko: "I've never seen anything like this before. I don't see any pupils, and your whole eyeball is blue. It looks like it contains a galaxy on its own inside. Interestingly, these three lines go from where the iris should be in three different directions. There are also multiple circles with unknown purposes, truly fascinating. Can you try using your eyes for a bit?"

I did as she asked. While my eyes are in so-called active mode, a pupil forms in the center of an eyeball, and the new circles show themselves in before empty iris.

Ryouko wrote some things in her notebook and looked again in my eyes.

She mumbled quietly to herself.

Ryouko: "So pupils form while using the eyes. Does it mean that they are not needed normally, or is it a byproduct of something else..."

Ahe was thinking hard about it for some time. I spent almost my whole break with Ryouko until she finally stopped the examination.

Ryokou: "Before we finish up, can you show me the 'magic circles' that you were talking about earlier?"

Ryoto: "Sure."

I focused my sight on her face so she could see them without any problem. When they appeared, I swear I could see stars in Ryouko's eyes.

Ryouko: "You were saying that they have a role similar to a magnifying glass. Do they have any other functions?"

Ryoto: "They also show up in front of the eyes of people which sigh I control."

Ryouko: "I see. I don't have the necessary equipment here to examine your eyes further. If it's okay with you, come to visit my house in the near future for more thorough tests."

She licked her lips as she said it.

Ryouko: "It was a long time since I felt so excited. Is there anything else you need help with?

Ryoto: "We can talk about it later. Otherwise, I'll be late for classes."

I said my goodbyes to Ryouko and returned to class. For the rest of the school, nothing significant happened.


At home, Lala and I were alone in my room. I asked her to lend me her thighs. It's really a bliss laying like this while Lala was playing with my hair with a smile on her face.

Ryoto: "Hey Lala, can I ask you a favor?"

Lala: "Sure, I'm happy to help! What do you need?"

Ryoto: "You noticed that I'm stronger than your average human and possess the ability to climb walls."

Lala nodded energetically.

Ryoto: "In the fight with Zastin, I noticed one flaw in my abilities, and that is my inability to fight at long range. Of course, I could use my eyes, but I don't want to use them too much unless it's an emergency. They are my ace in my sleeve, you could say. Many of your finances will come and try to eliminate me in the upcoming months, so I'll need to defend myself.

Lala: "Do you have anything specific in mind?"

Ryoto: "Well, my abilities are similar to a spider, so I thought something like web-shooters on my wrists would be ideal."

Lala put the finger on her chin while thinking about my proposal.

Lala: "Sure, sounds interesting! The mechanism that shoots out something is easy to build, and I could probably find something equivalent to a spider web."

She is too good for me.

Ryoto: "As a thank you for your help, you can ask me anything, and if it's in my ability to grant that request, I'll do it. A relationship is a two-way street. You give me something, and I give you something else in return."

I don't think she was listening till the end. She probably stooped at 'you can ask me anything.' Because she had a beautiful smile on her face, and she was making a kicking motion with her legs but in a way that wouldn't make me fall from her thighs. She also moved her head from one side to the other with evident happiness.

Lala: "In that case, I would want to..."



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