The Walking Dead: A New Shane

A man reborn into the body of Shane.

Iseeyou · TV
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16 Chs

Im in The Walking Dead?

Shane felt his head pound before new memories poured in allowing him to grasp the situation he was in.

A second ago he had been on his deathbed dying when suddenly he awoke to find himself in a tent in the body of a different person.

From the memories he had just gotten he realized he was in the Body of Shane from The Walking Dead.

In his last life he watched the walking dead before but right now he couldn't remember much of anything about the walking dead world except for a few basic things.

"Am I really in a new world full of zombies?" I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming but I felt the pain, it was real.

It was hard to settle his thoughts so he put on his pants and a green t shirt before opening his tent and crawling out onto the grass.

It was still dark outside but the sun should be coming up in less than an hour.

The first thing Shane noticed was the fresh air. In his last life the world was ravaged by wars.

Any air you breathed was sucked in through a mask and even then the air still polluted your lungs.

"There's nothing better than fresh air." He took in deep breaths relishing the small breeze and the sight of the moon which he hadn't seen since forever.

His world had been so polluted that seeing the moon was almost impossible at night.

Looking around he noticed other tents near to his. They were the other survivors living with them.

From Shane's memories a few of their group's survivors left last night to go into the city to look for more supplies and wouldn't be back until later today.

From his own memories he had certain feelings about different people

A young man named Glenn made him feel that Glenn was an important person and someone with a good heart while a hillbilly man like Merle made him feel confused and not too sure of his true character.

"I guess I'll just have to accept what I know and what I don't."

Finally he decided to do what the original Shane did every single morning and go down to the lake to get more water to use.

He walked toward the jeep with a shotgun in his hand and realized that they didn't have anyone on night watch.

For some reason the original Shane didn't even think of having a night watch like they were completely safe here from any dangers.

"I guess it takes time to adapt to new situations. They aren't going to be experts in surviving right away."

He would make sure to help teach a little bit of survival skills to the survivors later to give them a higher chance of surviving.

He had a lot of experience surviving in harsh conditions due to his last life.


He started up the Jeep and drove down to the lake while thinking about a few memories he had gotten.

Apparently the original Shane had been trying to make a move on Lori, his best friend's wife.

It had been working as he was already extremely close to getting in her pants.

But he would stop that as he didn't really have any feelings for Lori and it didn't feel right to him to be sleeping with his friend's wife.

He wasn't exactly a good guy and had done plenty of bad things to survive but he was loyal to the people he cared about and he cared about Rick even though he only knew him because of past memories from another person.

At the lake he made sure to feel up the water jug full of water for today's use before finally hopping back into the Jeep and driving back to camp.

The sun was already coming up by the time he made it back to camp and people could be seen moving about.

"Waters here everybody! Remember to boil before use!" I yelled to make sure everyone in camp heard.

Looking around I spotted some familiar people.

Lori and Carl were both sitting in chairs while Lori was watching Carl play with a small snail he found.

He spotted Dale on top of the RV and nodded to him and he nodded back before going back to using his binoculars.

Meanwhile everyone was just doing their own things.

He decided to walk over to Carl and Lori and get to know them a little better.

"'Good morning, how are y'all doing?" I sat down next to them.

"Good morning to you too." Lori smiled and I just smiled back politely.

"Shane, look what I found!" Carl yelled proudly before standing up to show me the snail he found.

"Haha! Nice! They are good eating. Lots of protein!" I chuckled at Carl's disgusted face

"Ewww!" Carl said and me and Lori laughed.

Finally Lori had something to do with a few other ladies while Carl was going with them so I decided to collect some firewood.

I found the ax and went to where we had a pile of wood starting to build up.


The wood split and I threw it into the cut up pile.

A little while later I saw a pretty blonde lady start to drop off some more wood and remembered her as Andrea's sister Amy.

She was wearing white jeans and a pink top with little pink hearts on it.

"Amy, right? How are you holding up?" I took the wood from her hands and offered her some water as I could see some sweat dripping down her forehead.

"I'm fine, I just hope Andrea and the others are okay." Amy took a sip before handing the bottle back to him.

"They've done this before. They can handle themselves out there. "

Amy nodded but I could still tell that she was worried so I decided to try and help her keep her mind off of it and offered to teach her how to tell if a mushroom was poison or not.

I knew she liked picking mushrooms because of my memories about her. Apparently her nickname was Queen of mushrooms.

"Sure why not." Amy said before we both went into the woods after notifying Dale.