1 The Dragon

Once upon a time there was a Dragon named Void, this Dragon was the god of death or darkness. He ruled many lands and one fateful day a warrior appeared to put an end to this dragons wrath, " stop right there you Dragon!" The warrior said but right after he said that on thing Voids feet lifted off the ground smashing his feet into the warriors body, Killing him instantly. "I've had enough of this place you humans can have this world" Void said so fourth he opened a portal to the shadow realm a place we're all dragons alike go to relax and rule there kingdom once again. "Guards Back To Work!" Void shouted He Was Obviously preparing for the big day. :The Next Day: "Where am I?" Void said in a random familiar voice, he looked around noticed he was in a house but not his house, "Am I A HUMAN?" He shouted as loud as he could then a loud bang filled the room "What's The Matter?" Some kicked down the door to race to Void " why am I a human I'm a Dragon!" Void said in a nervous but yet deep voice. As the day went on Void met his new friend but what Void didn't know is that he still had powers from his Dragon form. :end of chapter one/: Chapter 2 The Dragons Awakening.

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