1 Reincarnation

Ethan is a 24 year old boy. He's an average job holder but an otaku at heart. His favourite anime is The Testament of Sister New Devil. He always wanted to fuck all those girls, especially Mio. Today while walking home, he was trying to cross the road. But suddenly something hit him hard and ran over him. It was truck-kun. Ethan was laying on the ground with his entire body covered in blood and his bones broken. Life was always unfair to him. He really wished to have a great life. The temperature turned cold as Ethan passed away.

When he opens his eyes he sees that he's in an empty space. An old man suddenly appears in front of him. He has long white beard and long white hair.

God-"Young man, you just died."

Ethan-"I died huh. So what'll happen to me now?"

God-"You can either go to heaven or choose to be reincarnated in another world."

Ethan-"I wanna reincarnate in another world."

God-"What world so you want to reincarnate in? I can give you two wishes."

Ethan-"I want to reincarnate in the world of Testament of Sister New Devil as Basara Toujou. As for my wishes, I want space-time magic too.

God-"Your wishes have been granted. Good luck and have a safe journey."

My body got covered in white light as I was now getting reincarnated.

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