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the void between universes


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for Alex what started as a wish turned to a nightmare. he only wished to live an exciting life to be like any one of the MC's of his favorite novels, he only wished for that. unfortunately he met It, the thing, It granted him his wish but in return he become It's game. follow Alex as he go through this game, that started just with him but ended with the whole earth and our whole universe as a play ground. so this novel here is the first one i ever wrote, but unfortunately i never had the chance to write more than the twentieth chapter, i knew that if i let it on royal-road (now that i'm writing on webnovel) i'll never return to it so i decided to put it here wishing that maybe like this i'll start writing it again. ps i'm writing A Journey Through The Worlds and this novel here is going to be my second book. and also my English was bad when i started writing this one so there are going to be a lot of mistakes.

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