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Cover by-apg0w0 the beginning is influenced by Twisted Captains Chamber of Fate Link:https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12565564/1/Chamber-of-Fate --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After his untimely death, our hero(not really) is given a chance to travel to multiple worlds, with only one anime character powers. What chaos or peace(Mostly Chaos ) will our hero bring to various worlds ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, guys hope you're having a great day! For those who found this threw my other stories don't worry those are still going on the Aizen might be a drop I'm not liking how I started with so I started this as more of a take up my time to figure out my thoughts. Do not worry I am putting 100% of my all while writing this so I am doing my best. Anyway, I want to say gremmy is my favorite sternritter and I haven't found any fanfics of him at all So I wanna take my hit at it. I hope this goes well thank you.


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