1 Chapter 1

"Haa …"

A warm yet heavy sigh gently mixed with the cold summer air was heard. Sitting on top of the hill, her hair was elegantly dancing through the breeze. Her sight was fixated in the land her parents owned. Despite the blazing sun, hidden under her pretty parasol, she always took the time to visit the same spot each day and watched how peaceful their land was.

Minutes later, she stood up from her sitting. Right after she stood up, she brushed her messy hair despite the cold breeze blowing behind her back.

And then all of a sudden, she clicked her tongue and with a frown on her face, she dissed, "It's been a full month and this place doesn't even show signs of changing. For pete sake, this is much worse than a ghost town!"

"Why did they die all of a sudden and left me with this garbage or whatsoever town this is? They should have at least took me with them and fell that cliff altogether!" she added as she blamed her parents who died in a tragic accident.

She turned around, ready to leave that place.

That very same person on top of the hill was the only daughter of the Marques Falterswein household, Aeliana Dwight Falterswein; a shy, timid 16 years old elegant lady with glamorous golden hair and a pair of dazzling navy blue eyes comparing that of a gentle sea..

Despite mastering proper mannerism and etiquettes for high society circles at such an early age, still the harsh reality prevented her from enjoying the company of other noble ladies. Because of her timid personality, she became an easy target by the high class aristocrats during tea parties and celebrations. Becoming a laughingstock and the subject of random gossips, she accepted those insults and false accusations as if they were true. She didn't retaliate or fought back and just live her life together with those disturbing lies.

Even inside her own estate, those mockeries never stopped. News and gossips travelled fast as they said. After her parents' passing, the servant's attitude towards her suddenly changed. They picked on her every time they saw her presence and even ridiculed her slightest mistakes and incompetence. Every time she passed by, disgusting grins and mocking laughs were being intentionally directed to her. And yet of course, the innocent lady fought back with nothing.

"F***!" a loud curse was heard from the lady's mouth. "How can you call this run–down place a town if there aren't even a single soul present?!"

"Matter worse, those maids, ugh!" she groaned. "Talk about some nasty attitude," she added.

She clenched her fist and gritted her teeth in anger.

"How dare they?!" she spat in rage and one can notice the veins popping out of her forehead. "I'll kill you all, just you wait!"

This person right now is not the same Aeliana they knew anymore. The past Aeliana was long gone. The current Aeliana was currently inhabited by none other than Grace Kwon; a wealthy, merciless, tyrant billionaire who owned the largest fashion and cosmetic company in South Korea. As she's the sole heir and mistress of the Kwon family, she mastered all business–related fields necessary for her to manage her father's company without internal oppositions.

Aside from 'Tyrant Billionaire', she also gained another nickname, 'The Scheming Wizard'. Her way of profiting, scrutinizing, colonizing, and abolishing something that can be considered as a 'threat' to her benefitted her that title. Business doesn't relies on opportunities rather they should create it, this quotation of hers shook the entire country as she mentioned this quote during the presidential election when she was invited as a guest speaker.

Of course, Grace Kwon wasn't a normal person either. During that day, her suppose to be welcoming and inspiring speech turned into a declaration of war to a competition company. Of course, as expected, it ended in a total disaster one could not imagine. If you are curious, of course, she won that war in large margin of sales.


"Any updates about the promotion of our latest summer collection?" Sitting in front of the employees, a tyrant queen's soft yet piercing question accompanied by sharp gazes made everyone shiver in nervousness. As if it's a sign of a calm before the storm.

"PR Manager?" The PR Manager shivered in cold sweat as if the demon whispered in his ears.

He stood up with his legs trembling as he mumbled, "Uhmm, uh, we are planning to hire actress Sophia Kim for our billboard and TV Ad promotions, President."

The tension was suffocating for a normal person, of course that's for the employees.

"Aren't you going to use that actress?"

She browsed over the list handed to her by the PR team and added, "Yeah, this girl, Joyce Kang. Didn't she sign a contract with us?"

The loud slam of the portfolio she threw in front of the PR Manager made everyone flinched in surprise. A cold, piercing gaze was locked onto the PR Manager as if he will be gobbled up in a few minutes.

"Uh, about her, erm, uh-," the PR Manager couldn't reply as he started dragging his words.

"Why waste money to hire someone if there's someone we can use?"

The PR Manager ended up swallowing in silence. Cold, heavy tension shrouded the meeting room. Everyone evaded their sight as they're scared to meet the CEO by the eyes. Prey should know when to retreat when predators are around as they say.

The PR Manager went silent for a while and ended up speaking as he reasoned out, "President the thing is she is currently involved in a dating scandal. There's no statement from her agency yet so it's kind of risky to use her. If we use her, she will end up defaming our collection ..."

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"Huh?" an indifferent sharp word that came out from the CEO's mouth, made the PR Manager evaded his sight away from her.

"... or so I believe ...," he whispered as he looked away from the CEO.

"PR Manager?"

"Yes, President," he flinched as he faced her. His hands were clasped to each other behind his back awaiting for the verdict of the demon lord sitting in front of him. He began sweating in cold bullets.

"Let her wear our collection from head to toe."

"Pardon?" The PR Manager was so shocked by the sudden decision of the CEO. "Are you sure about this, President?"

A smile was seen from the demon lord's face. Everyone who saw this immediately knew what the CEO was planning.

"She's doomed," was what they all had in mind upon seeing the CEO's seemingly ecstatic face.

"Then shall we do it like this?" The CEO stood up from her seat, began circling around the meeting room as she told them a fairy tale she created on the spot.

"Long time ago, there was a very cute lady who wanted to become a successful actress. She struggled very badly to a point where she almost ended up her life."

The CEO enacted every emotion there was as she continued the rest of the story.

"Then came one day, a man approached her as if he was the predestined man who will guide her to the road of success. She believed in him and that belief gradually bore fruits of success and fame. However, that man instantly regretted his decision as he thought that the woman was already out of his league."

Everyone was so immersed in the story that they all remained silent, awaiting for the next part to be revealed. That anticipation was disturbed by the CEO's sudden question.

"Then what do you think happened next, PR Manager?" a brief smirk was seen on the CEO's face.

The PR Manager swallowed in tense as he prepared the words he was planning to say.

"Did the woman realized that without that man, her success meant nothing?"

The CEO never responded to his answer and immediately went back to her seat. All eyes were on her. They all anticipated the rest of the story. However, that anticipation crumbled upon hearing the CEO continuing the rest of the story.

"The woman was seen on the parking lot of a gynecology clinic with that same guy and was rumored to be pregnant with his child," the CEO ended the story with an odd smile on her face.

Everyone in the meeting room eventually had this 'huh?' expression on their faces as they were so clueless as to what was happening and why that story ended up in such a very twisted way.

The CEO's smile melted as she continued speaking. "I saw the scandal articles and if you look at it closely, the way she dressed, isn't she indeed pregnant?"

The Head Manager who was part of a department who handles articles and news plucked up the courage and speak up.

"I may sound rude to you President but, I dont't think Ms. Joyce Kang is pregnant. I've already contacted her agency and they confirmed that Ms. Joyce was only having a fitness session in the 4th floor together with her high school friend."

The CEO stared back at him and responded, "I wonder, from what I remembered, there's a gynecology clinic at the 6th floor of that building. Are you sure she didn't go there?"

The Head Manager fought back and replied, "There are also some eye witnesses who saw her along with her female friends as well. So President, I don't thin-."

The Head Manager immediately stopped upon seeing the CEO's glaring expression directed towards him.

"I think you are kind of mistaken here, Head Manager," the CEO didn't pull back her glare. "What I am trying to say is that, I don't care about that girl or whatsoever. Don't you think there's still a point in feeding a dog who doesn't even know how to behave? What a disgrace to its master, right?"

The CEO smiled at him along with her eyes as she frighteningly added, "Do you understand what I'm trying to say now, Head Manager?"