22 Chapter Twenty-Two – The Regrets Of A Family

It was a rather awkward situation I was in currently, sitting in a room with all the love interest and Erik. Eli was by my side and holding my arm tightly while looking up at me with worried eyes. Erik kept looking at me as well but would always look away when he realized I notice him looking. He wanted to say something to me but he was scared, he will always be scared.

"OMG! Why the fuck is the air in this room so awkward? It reminds me of that time where my parents caught me naked with an innocent maiden from a really important family. Well… She wasn't innocent anymore after what we did… Hehehe…" Drucilla was also in the room with us and she didn't really help at all with getting rid of the awkwardness… Why did she bring up something like that?

"Sometimes you really need to stop and think to yourself, should I be saying this? It will help you out so much." Everett entered the room pushing in a cart that was filled with drinks and sweets. He shot Drucilla a firm stare before he went to place a drink in front of me with a cake. He gave me a small smile when I picked up the drink he served me, it was hot chocolate.

"Also what did I tell you so many times, clean your sword after you use it! You are no longer a child who is using it for the first time. Do you know how hard it is to clean scabbard? You can't keep replacing it." Everett looked at Drucilla with an annoyed glare as he sat down next to her on the couch she was on and she just flipped him off with a smile on her face.

"Why are we still here? Shouldn't someone be coming to take us home soon?" Erik didn't try to be polite to the two adults in the room. He was untrusting to them and I really don't blame him, they still didn't tell him that they were family.

"Wow, this brat really looks like sissy husband. The eyes are kind of like her but that is where it stops. I really dislike that! He should look more like her than that stoic dick." Drucilla looked annoyed as she looked at Erik and Everett let out a hum in agreement. I could see that Erik was confused about what they were saying and look at me for a second before quickly looking away.

"We should introduce ourselves to you guys. We are from the Dallarose family. I am Everette and that idiot over there is my older sister Drucilla. We are the aunt and uncle of Aurelia and Erik. Due to reason, we can't allow you guys to go back home since the people who kidnapped you are still very much alive." I could feel Eli put his face into my arm when he heard that the people who kidnapped us were still lurking outside.

"Why should we trust your words and how do we know you aren't just lying by saying you are related to the she-demon!" Colton looked annoyed and he was glaring at me quite harshly. Even though I helped him escape he still couldn't let go of his childish hatred. He is so annoying and so short.

"We can prove what we are saying is very much true. We have secret messages from this group of people planning out this kidnapping. We also know that they are working for someone who is also causing trouble for us as well. And we have many pictures of Aurelia and Erik's mother when she was growing up." Everett didn't look concerned at what Colton said and calmly spoke with an indifferent expression.

"Now, now~ It is time for the little princes and Erik to head off to their room now! Me and my cute little stone face brother have to talk to Aurelia about something that is only for her ears." Drucilla got up from her seat and clapped her hands in front of her with a smile on her face. She looked at the males in the room and waited for them to get up as well.

Eli looked reluctant to leave my side but after I gave him a nod he decided to get up and head over to Drucilla. The other princes followed his lead with cautious expressions. The only person left sitting was Erik who didn't look like he wanted to get up at all.

"Why do you only have to speak to Aurelia? I am also my mother child so what you are going to say to her can be said in front of me as well." Erik didn't look pleased with being told to leave with the other males and he was frowning at both Drucilla and Everette.

"I can understand where you are coming from but you are not the one who can help us with the problem we have. Your sister is the only one suited for this. We will be sure to give you guys a summary after we are done with Aurelia." Everett gave Erik a smile that wasn't a smile and for some reason, the room felt like it got a bit colder. Erik looked nervous and avoided looking at Everette.

Erik finally decided to get up and head over to the rest of the male. He looked really reluctant to leave but he didn't get to say anything when Drucilla open the door to show there were already servants waiting outside the room. Drucilla pushes the group of males toward the servant and each one of them were taken in a different direction.

Drucilla then closed and locked the door once they were all gone. She then headed back to the couch she was sitting at and sat in a way that didn't seem okay for someone who was currently wearing a dress. What if she accidentally shows off her underwear…

"Sit up and close your legs, you are wearing a dress right now. Why do you still act like this after so many years? At least our older sister didn't do that when she wore a dress and she used to rip open her shirt to show off her growing muscles…" Everett let out a deep sigh and rub at his forehead as he said this. He seems to be more of an older sibling from what I am currently seeing.

"It's fine, it's fine~ I got short under this dress! They are flower patterns and pink!" Drucilla showed under her dress and I could see that she was wearing shorts. I could also see that her legs were really firm and had small scars on them.

"There is a child! Put down your fucking dress and let start talking about what the situation is or you can just leave." Everett glare at Drucilla in a way I think a parent would do to their child. I am mostly guessing since Myles always gave me that look even when I didn't do anything wrong. Drucilla put down her dress with a pout on her face and crossed her arms with a huff.

"Excuse my elder sister for her improper behavior, she isn't always like this. And excuse my language and temper as well, my sister always brings this out in me. I know you must be curious as to why we need your help and only your help." I was impressed with how quickly Everette can switch from an angry younger brother to a calm looking gentleman who probably never gets mad at anyone.

"We know about the figure." I felt myself grow cold and I dropped my eyes to the drink that was in my hands, it was getting colder… I wanted to touch the magic stone at my neck but I felt too nervous that would attract their attention to it.

"No need to get so nervous~ It's totally fine! You're not the first person to come in contact with that figure. No need to look like we are going to lock you away. We are nice people, well I am and my cute younger brother is more like a villain." Drucilla pinched Everett's cheek and pouted at him when her hand got slapped by him.

"Not many people know this but there are beings that are the source of magic. These beings are the reason why people are even able to use them. Most people don't know who these beings are but the people who do meet them often get powerful magical abilities. The being who gives you the ability to use your magic is really powerful but also dangerous. Their magic often consumes the people who use it. This isn't true for the other people who can use dark magic since they haven't met with the figure. The figure only appears with people who fit their requirements." At Everett's words, I do remember the figure telling me to be careful with using their magic…

"We need the help of that figure and you to solve a problem that has been with our family for many, many years. You see we used to be rather horrible, greedy, sadistic, and cold-hearted rulers in the past. We never thought much of people outside of our family and those who were able to marry into our family were often bullied for a few years until they could prove their worth in our eyes. There was a relative of ours that was considered the worst in our whole family. They would not show mercy to anyone and would often force people to serve them even if they didn't want to. They would kill people's families in front of them if they were mad with the way they were being looked at." I tried not to show anything on my face but I couldn't help but wonder how my mother came from a family with this history, it was so horrible…

"One day they kill a family that shouldn't have been killed. You see this family was actually fake and was a test for them to see if they wouldn't kill them off as well. After this family was killed a being created from all the hate, despair, and disgust of the people that were killed by them appeared in this land. This being went and started killing off many people from our family and left the cruel ruler for last. The land didn't get better after the being did this, in fact, the being went to kill random people as well. The emotions they were created from didn't help them see the difference between good people and bad people, they were the same in the being's eyes." Everett's expression didn't look okay as he spoke about this and Drucilla wasn't smiling either.

"Then the younger sibling of this cruel ruler who was actually someone who wasn't like our family at all managed to seal away the being. They couldn't get rid of it but they found a way to calm down the emotions of the being. Then they went to change the ways of our family and how we rule. Even if we were different from the past the being still had hatred toward us and our land. I don't blame them for hating us, we were not good rulers at all." Everett and Drucilla looked guilty after Everette finally finished speaking.

"...How am I supposed to help with this problem?" I still couldn't understand how I was the only person who could fix this problem of theirs, it felt like someone who could use light magic would be better suited for this situation.

"I know you must be thinking someone with light magic would be better suited for this but that isn't true at all. We did have countless, powerful light magic users help us but they all failed. It was only Gia who realized the only way to get rid of this being made from dark emotions is to have someone with powerful dark magic. She said it was like having someone who went through a similar experience help someone out from a dark place." Everett had a sad smile on his face as he spoke about my mother.

"Aurelia, we need your help fixing the past mistake of our family. We know this isn't fair to ask you this and we will understand if you refuse. But if you agree we promise to help you get strong enough to face the being that was created because of us." Everett bowed his head deeply towards me and I didn't know how to react to someone doing this to me.

"My little brother is right, we will understand if you don't want to help us it won't be any problem. If I was in your situation and relatives I never met before asked me this I wouldn't agree at all. But I promise on my sister's grave that no harm will come to you if you agree to help us." Drucilla also bowed her head deeply towards me. I was sitting down on the couch with a cold hot chocolate in my hands and two adults were bowing their heads towards me as they asked for my help.

"I...If I can be useful I guess I can help you out…" I had an uncomfortable feeling in my chest and tried not to pay attention to it as it kept getting more and more painful.

"Yay~ I love you so much, Aurelia! I have such a cute niece and I won't let anything lay their nasty hands on you." Drucilla quickly raised her head and went to my side then put me toward her in a hug. I felt uncomfortable as she hugged me but it quickly went away when she rubbed at my back in a comforting way. I didn't know if I should hug her back so I just continued to hold onto the cup in my hands and increase my grip on it.

"Drucilla, don't just hug her out of nowhere. You are still a stranger in her eyes, work your way up to a hugging relationship." After Everett raised his head from the bow he looked at Drucilla with an annoyed gaze. Drucilla didn't say anything to him and just kept on hugging me while humming to herself.

I tried not to acknowledge the fact I felt so happy that my mother brother and sister didn't hate me. I didn't also pay attention to the fact I tried to get closer to my aunt as she continued to hold onto me.

At least this time my mother's family didn't hate me… I couldn't handle it a second time...

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