21 Chapter Twenty-One – Meeting Mother Side Of The Family

There is a table. I am sitting at the table. I feel numb. There is a slip of paper in front of me, a check with a lot of zeros. It feels like I am being mocked by these zeros. There is someone across from me but I do not wish to look at them.

I can hear countless voices around me, insulting me, laughing at me. I am mad. I want to kill them all. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them.

WhY aM i FoRcE tO DeAl WiTh SuCh HuLiMaTiOn? I jUsT wAnTeD hIm To UnDeRsTaNd HoW mUcH pAiN hE cAuSe My MoThEr. GiVe BaCk My MoThEr… YoU kIlL hEr WiTh ThAt FaLsE lOvE oF yOuRs!

I miss my mommy… Give her back… Why did she leave me behind? Did she love this man more than she loved me? I don't ever want to fall in love. I hate love. It took my mommy away. Love is bad and I hate it.

I jUsT wAnT tO kIlL tHe MaN wHo MaDe My LiFe A lIvInG hElL. I aM gOiNg To DrAg HiM tO hElL wItH mE. sOmEoNe WhO hAs ThE sAmE dNa As HiM iS oNlY sUiTeD fOr HeLl.

I got onto the table I was sitting at and jumped at the man across from me. My hands wrapped around his neck. He had a scribble out face.

I could feel myself smiling as I kept increasing the gripe around this man's neck. The whispers around me were getting louder. I could no longer tell if they were real or fake. I started to laugh as I felt the neck in my hands slowly start to break.

I could feel something wet going down my face as I laughed. The man in my hands started to laugh with me. Our laugh started to mix. The laughter continued until I felt his neck break in my hold.

….It is quiet now

I hear nothing…

….I am nothing

Who am I anymore….

….I am tired now


I felt myself wake up and tears come out of my eyes. I went to move my body but realized I couldn't control it that well. I felt confused for a second before remembering… I was kidnapped. I struggled to sit up since both my legs were tied together rather tightly and my arms weren't much help with them being behind me.

I realized that my mouth was also covered so I couldn't speak. They must have done this so that no one could use their magic. Smart but so am I. I looked around the place I was in and saw that it was a cell. Looking through the iron bars of my cell I could see other people, probably the love interests and Erik.

Okay, I knew what I had to do. I couldn't hear anyone near the cells so that meant that they either didn't think any of us would cause a problem (unlikely) or they were doing something else for a moment. Whatever it was I knew I had to act now.

I closed my eyes and imagined the spell I wanted to use. I felt my shadow servant come from my shadow, they had changed over the two years and looked more like little butlers and maids. I use my thoughts to make them understand that I wanted them to untie my arms. They went to do that right away and I could feel the rope loosen. My arms were sore as I brought them in front of me but I didn't let it stop me from getting rid of the rope around my legs.

I went to get rid of the thing around my mouth but realized there was a lock on it. So this meant I would have to only use the non-verbal ways to cast magic. This is something I would have to be smart with since I am not that proficient in it yet so my magic may get drained quickly if I don't act smart with it.

I crawl over to the bars of the cell I was in and confirm that I did know who the people were in the cells. I focused on their shadow and had many of my servants come out of their shadow to untie them. I could see that everyone was waking up and quickly heading over to the bars of their cell.

I looked at them all with serious but calm eyes and held up a finger telling them to wait. I then went to the darkest part of my cell and put my hands into the darkness. I wasn't going to dive into it, I didn't know where I was so that would end up causing me more problems. I needed to gather information by listening through the shadows.

I could feel countless images go through my head as I searched through the shadows to see who had the keys to our cells. I landed on a man who was walking, I could hear keys coming from him. I decided to use a spell that I learned recently to gain control of his shadow. I force him to stop and to head over to the cells.

After a few minutes, I could hear him approaching and I forced him to open my cell first. After I got out I caused his mind to shut down by using another spell of mind that can cause people to pass out. I took the keys off his body and I took what looked to be a small dagger from his body.

I quickly went and opened everyone's cells, making sure they would all remain quiet as I did so. The key that the man had didn't seem to have the key for the lock of the things covering our mouth so we had to deal with this for a bit longer.

Eli quickly hugged at my arm and I could feel his tears. I couldn't deal with his acting like this right now so I forced him to let go of me and I tried to speak with my eyes. He seemed to get what I was and got rid of the tears that appeared in his eyes. I motion for everyone else to get behind me and I headed out of the area we were in.

I would always stick to the areas that were the darkest so I could see where everyone else was in this place we were being held in. I noticed that a few men who look to be really skilled fighters quickly leave a room they were in with serious expressions. That didn't give me a good feeling and I started to worry that they knew we escaped.

I needed to find who had the keys for the things covering our mouth but I really wanted to just leave this place we were in. I didn't know why these people kidnapped us but I rather not figure it out. I wonder if the person who sent me the note was also involved in this… It seems like they knew this would happen.

I must have been thinking too deeply because I ended up bumping into the back of an adult figure. They quickly turned around and froze when he saw us. I quickly pushed everyone back so we could have some distance between this person.

"Great! Now we also have to deal with the fact the brats escape their cells!" The man messed with his hair and glared at us. I could see that he was going for something at his side but I knew I couldn't let him get it, I had to act first.

Holding the dagger in my hand I stabbed it in the man's leg which caused him to let out a scream of pain. I then turned and looked at everyone, telling them with my eyes to hide quickly. I quickly went to hide as well, still holding the dagger that now had blood on it.

I ended up hiding behind a crate and I could hear the man cursing loudly. My heart was beating wildly in my chest and I went to touch my magic stone. I felt a bit scared thinking it wouldn't be there but calm down once I felt the familiar warmth at my fingertips. I could feel it giving off nervous pulses and that made me feel a bit better.

"Fucking bitch stab me… Where the fuck did she even get that dagger from? They should have just fucking killed her, we weren't even going after her! But the boss just had to keep her. Fucking creep probably wants to sell her or whatever that sick fuck like doing…" I was holding my breath as the man walked past the crate I was hiding behind. I tried not to think of what he was talking about, it would only cause me to worry.

I could see the other love interest and Erik leave the room and I was going to move to join them but I noticed that Eli also decided to move. I felt my eyes widen as he tripped on the ground and made a rather loud noise. The man turned around and spotted Eli on the ground. He let out a snort as he started to head over to them. Eli looked so scared as he went to crawl away from the man.

'Leave him. You don't need to save him at all. Who gives a damn about him? We have to look out for ourselves. It not our fault that he is so fucking clumsy. If he has to die for us to live I will be fine with that. Just close your eyes and pretend you can't see what is happening.' I could hear the voice urging me to turn my back on Eli. I wanted to do that so badly but he looked so scared… I… I am such an idiot…

I quickly ran out from behind the crate I was hiding behind and stabbed the man in the back. He shouted out in surprise and quickly turned around to face me. I went to use a spell but the man quickly grabbed me by the neck and lifted me off the ground.

"You are just extra! I don't need to keep you alive! Fucking little bitch stabbing me again!" The man was squeezing my neck tightly and I tried to stab at him with the dagger in my hand but my vision was getting blurry and I couldn't get a direct hit. Eventually, the dagger fell out of my hand and to the ground.

I could see through my hazy vision that Eli was hitting at the man who was choking me but was knocked to the ground from a hit by the man. I was struggling to get air into my lungs but I couldn't breathe. I tried to kick at the man but my legs didn't have force behind their kicks.

'I...I am going to die… Damn it, why did all the other idiots leave. This is so bad. Eli needs to leave… Shit…' I could feel myself getting weaker and my arms going limp at my side. I was just too tired and wanted to sleep…

When I thought I would pass out I was dropped to the floor and I could feel myself be able to breathe once more. I could feel someone at my side holding me to them. Feeling wetness appear on me I knew it was Eli.

My vision grew clear and I could see the man who was choking me out had a sword through his body. He looked confused at that and fell to the ground with that expression still on his face. I looked at the blood coming from him and looked back at the person who used the sword.

It was a tall dark skin woman who had short wavy brown hair. Her light blue eyes gave her a kind appearance but I could see a bit of sharpness in them. She also had a small scar under her right eye that was curled into half of a heart shape. But what was really eye-catching about her is the fact she was wearing bright pink clothing. Also, the clothing she was wearing didn't seem like someone should wear if they are a fighter and don't want to worry about getting their nice clothes dirty.

"Oh. My. Gosh~ I can't believe that I actually found you! This is like the greatest thing that ever happened to me! I totally want to take a picture but I am totally worried my hair is a mess. Ugh, why didn't I bring my hand mirror with me?! I hope you know that I am usually more attractive and neat looking." I felt a silence fill the room once I heard this woman speak… I wasn't expecting that to come out of her mouth…

"Oh no! Your neck is getting such a nasty bruise… I should have killed this piece of shit more slowly and painfully, tch." The woman stomp on the body of the man who was bleeding out before coming over to me. She put away the blood cover sword to her side and stood in front of me. I looked at her with cautious eyes that end up getting wide when she lifted me off the ground with ease.

I moved around in her hold but she just pats my back like I was a child who needed to be comforted. Eli was next to the woman and looked at me with worried eyes but didn't make a move to get me from her arms. I don't blame him since she did stab the man through the back.

"Now, now~ It's time for you to meet your grumpy uncle. The rest of your little companions are currently with him! Don't be scared by his face, he is actually going to be so happy to see you, Aurelia!" The woman pinched my cheek and held me closer to her chest. I don't know why but she smells familiar and for some reason, she kind of reminds me of my mother…

Wait...Uncle?! I looked at the woman more closely and I realized she really did remind me of my mother but more feminine. Didn't Mae tell me my mother came from a faraway place?! Where am I and how did these kidnappers get me here without any trouble?

I had countless thoughts going through my head after meeting someone who is from my mother's family. I felt a nervous feeling building up in my stomach and I didn't want to meet them. What if they hate me as well… I don't think I could handle the people who raise my mother hating me as well…

I was brought out of my thoughts after feeling a cold breeze come across my body. I realized I was still in my dress but didn't have my sweater anymore. I looked around to see that I was outside and everything was covered with snow, which was strange since it should be spring right now…

I looked ahead of me and I saw that countless people were standing around a pile of dead bodies. I could see the love interests and Erik off to the side as well cover with blankets and holding a drink that may be hot chocolate. I also noticed that they no longer had their mouth cover so that meant these people had the keys to the lock for the thing covering my mouth.

The woman walks over to them and pushes Eli toward them. Eli looked at the woman and me with a reluctant look but he couldn't say anything since his mouth was still covered. I guess the woman was going to have someone take off the thing on his mouth as well.

I thought she would put me down but she kept holding me and headed over to a tent that was set up. When she got into the tent there was a table in it and she placed me down in one of the chairs. She went to grab something from behind me and I could feel the thing covering my mouth come off. She then placed hot chocolate in front of me and sat from across me with a warm look in her eyes.

"Wow~ You look just like my big sissy! I mean if she was more gloomy and serious. But that does add to your cuteness. I have such a cute looking niece~ I wanna kiss you all over your face. I am so mad that my sissy didn't make us see you, hmph! But she was pretty mad when she left so I guess it was not that surprising…" The woman's smile grew a bit sad and her eyes got a faraway look in them for a second before they got bright once again.

I didn't know what to say to this woman who was claiming she was my aunt… She did remind me of my mother but it could be for a different reason. I looked down at the drink in front of me but didn't drink it since I was still cautious about this woman.

"You are a cautious person, aren't you? I totally get where you're coming from! A beautiful mysterious woman who came from nowhere is calling your mother her older sister! Is she lying to me and planning to poison me?! I must not allow myself to be killed off so easily!" The woman leaned back in the chair she was in with a hand against her forehead in a dramatic pose. I really didn't know if she was pretending to act like this or if her personality was seriously like this.

"Quit acting like a child. It's gross for someone nearing her thirties to do that…" A cold voice called out to the woman and a man with light brown skin came into the tent as well. He looked to be tall as well but the woman still had a bit more height than him. He had curly short brown hair that had an undercut. His sharp green eyes looked at the woman in annoyance. I could see that he had a really muscular looking body. He had a scar coming from his right ear and going all the way down to his jaw. There was a bit of stubble on his face as well.

The man looked at me and I grew tense. It felt like he was staring at me for hours but it was just a few minutes. I tried not to flinch when the man walked over to me and dropped down to one knee. I looked at him with cautious eyes as one of his hands reached for my face.

"...You really do look like a younger version of Gia. But her eyes weren't as dull as yours. I bet she would be upset to see that…" The man rubbed a finger under my eyes as he looked at me with gentle eyes. I didn't know how to react to a total stranger looking at me with such warmth in their eyes.

"...Did one of you write that note to me?" I finally spoke up and could hear that my voice sounded a bit rough. I went to clear my voice in a way that wouldn't be seen as rude.

"Oh, OH! Me, ME! I wrote that note for you! I want to draw a heart on it but my grumpy younger brother wouldn't allow me! Saying that it would make it seem like it was a joke. How would it be a joke to make the note look a bit cuter?" The woman crossed her arms as she pouted. I didn't know how to react to a grown woman acting like such a child.

"Ignore her. I am happy we are finally able to meet Aurelia. I am your uncle, Everette Dallarose, your mother's younger brother. It is nice to meet you." Still, on one knee, Everette gave me a bow that gave him an elegant feeling.

"Me next~ It is nice to meet you, Aurelia! I am your cute and forever young aunty, Drucilla Dallasrose or you can call me Cilla or big sister!" Drucilla raises a peace sign to her face as she winks at me.

"I am so happy we can finally meet you, Aurelia! I wanted to see you sooner but couldn't because "it wasn't the right time" and "quit whining or else I will lock you up and you will never see your niece!" They were being so cruel to me even though I just wanted to meet you so badly. Why are they so mean to your cute aunty? They must be jealous of how cute I am…" Drucilla closed her eyes as she had her hand to her cheek with fake tears appearing in her eyes.

"We wouldn't treat you like that if you actually listen to us for once." Everette looked at Drucilla with an annoyed expression but it went away when he looked at me once again.

"Why isn't… my brother here…" I forced myself to call Erik my brother and tried not to react to the dull pain that appeared in my chest when I did it. This always happens now whenever I refer to him in that way…

"He isn't important right now. We will tell him later but you are the one we need. You are the only one who could do what needs to be done." Everette looked at me with serious eyes and Drucilla's eyes were also serious. I couldn't understand what was happening, what did they need me for?

"Since she probably didn't have time or made an effort to tell you about her family background I will tell you. Your mother came from a family of royalties who were tasked to protect something. It would be bad if something happened to that thing. Your mother had the ability to take care of that thing but since she is dead you are the one who must handle this thing before it gets to a point where nothing could stop it." Everette told me this seriously but this only added more questions than answers.

My mother was royalty? Why does her family have to protect something? What is this something? Why am I the only one who could stop it now? What did the kidnapping have to do with this? Where am I? How is Mae currently?

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