10 Chapter Ten – A Troublesome Person

I had a cold look on my face as I looked at my 'father' who was talking to a group of important-looking nobles. I was at a table with other children who were my age but none of them dare speak to me, too scared by the cold look I was giving.

A cup was placed in front of me and the cold look on my face slowly went away. I look over my shoulder to see Sybil standing behind me with a professional look on his face. Even if I was pissed at my current situation I felt pleased that at least I had one person I could trust with me.

I was currently at a tea party but this wasn't just any tea party, it was a tea party for children my age to hopefully get engaged to someone from an important family. When my 'father' visited me one day and told me I was invited to one I felt like I was going to lose control of my magic due to how angry I felt.

He is already powerful enough with his reputation but he still wants to get even more untouchable by having a business marriage arranged for me. I couldn't understand why he couldn't do it with my 'brother'. Maybe it is because I am the useless one.

I could hear my cup make a small sound as it cracked from how hard I was holding it. I breathe out slowly through my nose as I went to calm my emotions once more. I had been doing this for the last three hours after all.

I was getting bored with just sitting at the table with children who were clearly afraid of me. So getting up in a calm way I left the table. I motioned for Sybil to follow me as I went off to find somewhere quiet to be by myself until my 'father' would decide I was finally allowed to head back home.

I was walking through this huge house with Sybil right by my side. The only sound was Sybil's tail wagging behind him happily. I looked over at him and could only let out a sigh at the dazed look he was currently giving me.

"Please pay attention as you walk. I don't want a servant of mine embarrassing himself in public. People will talk and that will cause me unnecessary problems" I brush back my curly hair behind my shoulder as I spoke to him. I really didn't understand why he was acting like this. He clearly knew what I was going to wear today for this tea party.

I felt like I did rather well today with my clothing choice. I was wearing a long black dress that touched the floor but didn't get dragged behind me. I was wearing high black boots that added to my already above average height. I had a light gray veil that just covered my shoulder and went down to my lower back. I didn't do anything to my hair, just let it be in its natural curly state. I also had a daisy hair clip in my hair off to the side.

"I am sorry but you just look so breathtaking today. I mean you always do but today is even better." Sybil still didn't look in front of him as he continues to look at me with a stupid look on his face. I wanted to get mad at him but I couldn't help but get amused by how he was acting. He kind of reminds me of Eli when he acts like this…

We reached an area in the house that had an open roof that showed off the clear sky. I saw that there was a bench for people to sit on so I went over to it and sat down carefully. Sybil didn't sit down, instead, he stood off to my side as he continued to look at me with his dazed expression.

"I feel a bit thirsty. Could you find me something to drink? A light snack would be nice as well." I realize I should have told him beforehand to bring something along with us but I just wanted to leave the stuffy place with all those fake people.

"I won't be long. Don't go anywhere on your own." Giving me a professional bow, Sybil went off to find me something in the house. I knew he would be okay since everyone knew he was my servant but I still felt nervous that someone would think to bully him.

After making sure no one was around me I closed my eyes and made a shadow servant follow after him. This servant would be in his shadow so no one would know they were there but it will protect Sybil from being bullied by anyone. After doing that I opened my eyes again and felt shocked when I saw someone standing in front of me with a rose.

I felt my shock grew even more when I realized who it was. Merrill Parrish, one of the love interests in the game. I could see why he was considered quite the hit with the female when he was older. Even though he was young I could still see his attractive features.

He had white hair that was swept back charmingly. His lilac eyes looked at me with a gentle look in them. Even though his skin looked paler than average it didn't take away from his charm. He had normal height and we probably would match in height if I took off my high heel boots (which will never happen). He was wearing rather casual formal clothes that made him seem like a person who you could relax around.

"Hello there, Daisy. I couldn't help but be drawn by your mysterious beauty. Do you mind if I give you this rose that matches your beauty? I would have given a daisy but I couldn't find one. Sorry about that, Daisy." Merrill winked at me after he said this and handed me the rose which I unconsciously accepted.

I looked at the rose in my hand with a confused feeling going through me. I then look back at Merrill who was giving me a charming smile. If this was anyone else they would be blushing at this attention but I was too busy wondering why he was even speaking to me.

He saw me alone in this place so he could have guessed that I wanted to be alone yet he still came over to bother me. And he used such cheesy words to flirt with me. This is really such a sad thing.

"I don't want this and work on your talking skills. I felt like I was being spoken to by a commoner who learned how to speak by listening to drunks coming home from late-night hang out." I let the rose that I was holding fall to the ground in front of me and step on it as I looked directly into Merrill's eyes.

Merrill's expression froze with a smile like he couldn't understand what just happened. I only let out a sigh as I went to twirl a hair that managed to make it way back in front of me. I wonder if he is dealing with the fact I reacted so negatively to his flattery? So annoying….

"O-Oh… U-uh… That was bad, wasn't it? Hahaha… Yeah…" Merrill was looking at the rose that was still under my foot with intense eyes and I was surprised my foot wasn't catching on fire due to how hard he was looking at it. For some reason, he doesn't look upset by this… He looks… interested?

"Why are you fumbling like a toddler? You do know how to speak, don't you? So speak and speak well. I dislike people who don't get to the point right away." I got up from the bench and walked over to Merrill who was looking at me with wide eyes. I grip his chin with my hand and look at him with my cold eyes.

Instead of him becoming nervous, Merrill's expression got rather… excited? Wait… Does he enjoy this? Is he a masochist? He is eleven like me! He is far too young to be finding this out about himself.

"I-I will sp-speak w-well!" Merrill didn't try to break away from my hold and instead look interested in what I would do next to him. I felt like I was being taken advantage of at the moment so I let go of his chin and wipe my hand with a handkerchief, trying not to show how disgusted I was with him.

"I don't want this anymore. It's yours now. Now leave. I am here alone for a reason." I threw the handkerchief at his face and Merrill quickly caught it in his hand with a red face. Merrill opened his mouth a couple of times before he simply just nodded his head quickly and left from my sight.

I went to sit back down and let out a tired sigh. I could feel a headache appearing when I thought about that situation with Merrill… I really don't want to deal with him at all… Please let this be the only time I meet him.

Why am I even meeting the love interests in the game? I understand Eli but the other two are people I should only meet in school. Hopefully, this will be the last time I will meet a love interest. I really hope it's the last time…

I really need to take a long bath when I get home as well… I feel so dirty now. Merrill's reaction to how I was treating him was something I really didn't expect and like. Now I have someone else on my list of people I dislike… He isn't going to seek me out now, is he? I really don't want that…

"Sorry, it took so long. I was trying to make hot chocolate for you but took forever to find chocolate…. Um… Are you okay, Lady Aurelia?" Sybil finally returns with a plate of snacks and a cup of hot chocolate. He placed them down next to me and stood off to the side, looking at me with a worried expression.

"I met a troublesome person I do not wish to meet again if I can help it." I only told him that as I took a sip from my hot chocolate. I could feel my body relax after drinking it but I still felt tired from that situation with Merrill.

Actually, I should have probably connected the dots when Merrill fell in love with the heroine after she slapped him in the face. That seems like something that gives off big signs. I guess this was something I could have avoided if I was actually thinking for a second. Such a dumb move I could have easily avoided…

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