11 Chapter Eleven – The Prince With The Mask

It seems luck was not on my side when Merrill decided to ask his parents if he could visit me once a month and stay at my home for a week. I really wanted to refuse but my 'father' ignored what I wanted and told me to simply behave nicely.

I hated that no matter how harsh and cold I was to Merrill he kept coming back for more and waiting for me to say something else to him. He was simply a person who couldn't be dealt with by using harsh words. I never thought I would actually prefer Eli over the other two troublesome love interests.

Eli and Merrill seem to have a really tense relationship as well, from what I could see from their interactions with each other. Sybil and him didn't get along either. I really didn't know why they didn't like him but it really wasn't something I would worry about.

I was having a lesson with my tutor one day when he brought up something that caught my interest.

"There is a meeting between people who are really interested in magic that is happening in a week. Seeing how much you enjoy learning about magic I got an invitation for you to go. I think you will be able to find more information on magic during the meeting if you talk to the right person." My tutor handed me a letter that I held with both hands. I could feel my lips about to break out into a smile but I forced myself not to do that and only stiffly nodded my head.

"Jeez, what a serious expression. I am worried about your personality when you get older. If you are happy then show that you are happy. Who is going to judge you for that?" My tutor pulled at my cheek with a frown on his face and I tried not to show any reaction to the slight pain I felt on my cheek.

"...If I show the wrong people a reaction it could be used against me. I have to keep an indifferent expression no matter what." Aurelia wasn't someone who had a lot of people on her side. Her servants were with her but you never know if they will leave or turn against her. It is a sad thought to have but the world that we live in is like that. You can never know if you can truly trust someone.

"You are too young to be thinking like that. Now let's go back to the lesson." My tutor had a look in his eyes that disappeared before I could really understand what it was. It was probably something against me or whatever.

As I was getting ready for the meeting for people interested in magic I was practicing with my magic and getting even stronger with my spells. I only knew three spells so far but I knew if I kept practicing I could learn more soon.

I was really getting into the one spell that allowed me to make a shadow servant who could go into the shadow of a person I either picture in my head or say their name. It at first could only hear what is happening and briefly affect the area around them but since I was getting stronger with my magic they could now increase the number of people I could spy on and freeze their shadow for one minute.

This could actually be helpful with the other spells that allow me to go anywhere with a dark area. I just needed to figure out a way to combine them smartly. I wasn't really doing too much with the spell that allowed me to look into a person's deepest fear and doubt. Whenever I did that the voice would come back and try to make me lose control so that spell was something I could only use during a specific situation.

It was finally the day of the meeting for people who were interested in magic and the background surrounding it. Mae was helping me get dressed for the event. She was doing final touches on my hair, making sure it was extra curly today.

"You look simply perfect with curly hair. It just makes you look extra cute, Aurelia." Mae put on a headband that had a single daisy on it. I felt my heart get warm at Mae's compliment. She always knew what to say to make me feel happy.

I got up from the chair I was sitting in and the long black flared skirt I was wearing brush against my ankles. I was wearing high-heeled lace-up sandals that had a flower pattern on it. I held out my arms so that Mae could put my gray overcoat on me. It fit perfectly with my sleeveless white blouse. I felt satisfied with what I had picked out for today's magic meeting.

"Unfortunately Sybil won't be able to join you at this meeting. His father came back today and he wanted to do some bonding activities with him. I really hope it won't be anything too extreme like last time… What a stupid husband I have…" Even though Mae called her husband stupid I couldn't help but notice a look filled with complete love…. I guess she really loves him.

"I can take care of myself. It is just a gathering for fellow people who are interested in expanding their knowledge of magic." I felt like even if something did happen to me I could handle it. My magic did get stronger so I was confident I could handle anything that would try to harm me.

"If you feel uncomfortable then you can leave early. Your driver will be waiting for you, ready to leave at any moment." Mae had a nervous look in her eyes as she kept on speaking to me. I know she was worried about me and my safety. It made me feel really happy knowing how much she cared about me.

'How long will this last… People always change. It's unfortunate but Mae may leave you one day and everyone else with her. Then you will be alone. A pitiful little child who is unwanted by everyone. How does that make you feel, ▇▇▇▇▇?' I tried not to show anything on my face when the voice came back. It was so hard not to just give in to this voice. It's so tempting just to give up and lose myself to this voice similar to mine…

"I'm off now…" I didn't bother to acknowledge the voice as I said goodbye to the still worried Mae. The voice just clicks their tongue and disappears in my head again. As I was leaving many of my other servants smiled at me as I walked by them.

I couldn't understand why all these servants in my home like me so much? The original Aurelia was quite the short-temper girl yet all these people look at her with warm eyes. It made me feel strange having people actually look happy I was in their line of sight. But how do I really know if they like me…?

I got into the car that was waiting for me outside. It was Aurelia's personal driver. He was an old man who looked to be in his fifties. He didn't have that many wrinkles on his face but did have some under his eyes. He always had a frown on his face but whenever I met him in the house I could see some warmth in his eyes. I guess he is just someone born with a resting serious face.

"So you going to a gathering for people interested in expanding their knowledge in magic… Quite a serious thing for you to be going at such a young age, little miss." I could never figure out why but I felt like my driver had an accent that usually showed up in his speech but he tried hard not to let it be shown fully.

"Age shouldn't get in the way of wanting to expand your knowledge on something that interests you." I was looking out the window of the car as we passed by many places on the way to the gathering.

"That is true, isn't it? You are quite an interesting one, little miss. I bet you will be even more interesting once you get older. I can see a bit of a younger me in you." My driver's voice became a bit weird once he said that to me. I didn't know if that was a bad thing or a good thing but I just gave a nod in acknowledgment.

It was quiet for the rest of the ride. I was about to doze off when the car finally stopped. I looked outside to see that we were parked in front of a building that looked like it was probably a library.

"I will be out here waiting for you, little miss. Don't hesitate to come out if you want to leave early." My driver cracked open the window in the car and then turned off the engine. I notice that he took out a pack of half finish cigarettes. I gave him a nod before leaving the car. I hope he doesn't smoke too much. It seems like a bad choice with how old he is.

I walked into the building where the gathering was happening and gave brief nods to servants that I passed when entering the building. Inside the building, I could see people of different ages and gender hanging around in the building. The building gave off the smell of new and old books which I found to be rather comforting.

I looked around in the area I was in, not really knowing what I should do at the moment. As I was getting deeper into my thoughts I felt a heated stare coming from near me. I looked around indifferently, trying to figure out who was looking at me.

I could feel my magic flare up for a second once I saw Colton glaring at me. He was looking at me from the corner of a wall with hatred clear in his eyes. A few people walked past him and gave weird looks in his direction.

I really didn't want to go through this gathering with Colton glaring at me so I decided to walk in his direction. I could see his eyes widen in shock once he realized I was going in his direction. He quickly backed away from the corner he was looking at me from and started to walk off in a different direction.

I continue to follow him calmly. I could see him looking back at me as he continued to try to lose me. This continued until we made it to an empty area that was filled with countless books that were floating in the air.

"Why are you following me! It is so annoying!" Colton turned around and glared at me with a fierce look in his eyes. But I didn't feel concerned about this since it felt like I was just being glared at by a small dog.

"I assume anyone would want to speak to the person who was quite obviously glaring at them with such hatred in their eyes. Have you no manners? I feel sorry for your parents, raising such a fierce child like yourself." I spoke politely but I was coldly looking down at him as if he wasn't worth my time.

"At least my parents bother to take care of me! I would rather be like this than hated by my own parents!" Colton stomped his foot into the ground as he tried to make himself appear taller than he actually was.

"There is a saying. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything, or else I will be forced to cut out your tongue and feed it to you." I took a step closer to Colton as I said this in a serious voice.

"What a violent person you are! How is someone like you better than me! Teacher keeps on saying how impressed he is with you but I don't see what is so good about you!" Colton's face was getting redder due to how upset he was getting.

"If you keep comparing yourself to me then you will never become better than me. It isn't smart to keep comparing yourself to people. It will get in your way of getting better. I don't care about how you feel about me. You are honestly someone I don't see as a rival. All I care about is becoming someone way more gifted than my dear older brother. But if you want to continue this pointless game then I will make sure to crush you under my foot countless times until you are satisfied." I was getting closer and closer to Colton whose fierce expression was slowly disappearing because of my words.

"Now tell me… What should I do with you and your pathetic jealousy?" I leaned close to his ear and said this with a cold voice. I put a hand on his shoulder and slowly push force into my grip.

"Now, now~ Let not get so aggressive with each other." A voice from behind me called out to us and I backed away from a blank face Colton. I looked behind me and I saw an attractive boy standing in front of the door to the room with a smile on his face.

This boy was the same height as me but maybe a few inches taller since I was currently wearing sandals with heels. He had gray hair that was slightly spiky but in a way that was appropriate for someone high in status. He had exotic looking skin that made it seem like he was from a place that was closer to the sun. He was wearing prince-like clothing but nothing too extreme. Even though he had a smile on his face I could see the coldness in his yellow eyes.

I had my guard up against him once I realized who he was, Isaias Donnell. The first person route I did in the game. He had a gentle smile on his face but all I could see was someone forcing themselves to interact with people they didn't think highly of.

"Now what seems to be the problem between you two? You shouldn't be fighting each other like this! You look close in age so why can't you be friends?" I really hated the faked gentle voice Isaias was talking to me in. It's like he was treating me like I was a child.

"Watch your tongue. You don't know what just occurred so you shouldn't say something so stupid. Especially with that fake personality of yours. It makes me sick." I didn't feel like wasting my time with these two love interests from the game anymore. I came here to get more knowledge of magic and that was it.

"If you two would please excuse me. May you both have a pleasant day." Giving a formal bow to the two love interests, I left with an indifferent expression. I didn't bother to look at either one of them as I left.

Why should I pretend to care about people I simply don't think highly of. I can't believe I actually was getting worked up over a brat. I am older than both of them mentally so I shouldn't even put them in my sight. What a troublesome thing I was putting myself through.

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