18 Chapter Eighteen – Through ▊▊▊▊▊▊▊▊(The Figure) Eyes – In Between

Our creation is something we don't remember much of. All we know is that one day we were created and we were in a dark space with only us. We don't know how many of us are there. Many there is only one person but their mind was shattered to many pieces. It is confusing so we don't think much of it.

We are bored, we have nothing to interest us. We don't know what we should be doing. There is no one there to tell us the meaning of our existence. We simply have to figure out what we have to do. It's lonely, probably…. Some of us feel lonely and others feel nothing. We never have the same emotions as each other.

When we first were allowed out of the dark space it was a strange experience. We saw so many weird things that we couldn't understand. That was when we met our first human. This human had a look in their eyes we didn't like. They wanted power and only power. They didn't care what they had to do if it meant they would have the power.

That human ended up getting consumed by the power we gave them and now they are with us. When this human joined us we ended up getting their memories as well. It was a sad story. Wanting power so they would be noticed by the one person who never gave them the time of the day.

We don't hear a lot from that human, only when they have the urge to hurt someone. The next human we met was always wearing a black veil in front of their face. They always sounded like they were going to cry and it was confusing. This human just wanted to make the people who had caused their sufferings to suffer a fate worse than theirs.

We gave them the ability to do that but at the cost of them losing themselves forever. The human didn't care and actually sounded happy when we consume them as well. We ended up with their memories as well and it was a tragic story. A love that couldn't happen no matter how hard the two lovers tried to fight against their fates.

This human helped us understand a few human emotions. We like hearing from them the most since their voice always sounds so peaceful to us. The next human we met were two small beings that were called children. They looked alike but they were different 'genders'. We didn't know what 'genders' were but humans are confusing so we don't pay much attention to it.

These children asked us to help them protect their 'family'. We didn't know what a 'family' is but it seemed like it was important to these children. We gave them our powers and they were grateful to us for help. They allow us to consume them even though they didn't end up falling to our power.

We couldn't understand what they meant about us sounding so lonely. We sound normal and not strange at all. We felt conflicted as we consumed these two children. They didn't mind about leaving their 'family' behind and that confused us. Didn't they care for their 'family'?

When we got their memories we finally understood, they cared about 'family' but the 'family' they were with wasn't good to them. The children knew their 'family' was bad but they didn't deserve the fate that was going to happen to them. We can't understand why they would help the people who had hurt them before? Humans are so confusing and we don't know if we could ever understand them.

We met another human and they had wrinkles on their face. This human had a faraway look in their eyes and looked like they were just an empty shell. This human wanted help in escaping from the place they were in. They didn't want power or anything like that. They just wanted to leave the place they were in.

We consume them and they became a part of us like the others. We end up getting the memories of them as well and it was a cruel one. This one 'family' forced them to get married to a man that they didn't love and didn't give them a choice to refuse. They were in a cage and not allowed to leave. They didn't care for the children they gave birth to and never once saw them as their children. they simply hated them all and never wanted to have them. This human did feel regret for not being able to feel a bit of love for any of their children.

The final human we met was also wrinkled but had a more cold look in their eyes. They wanted power to destroy a whole kingdom for betraying them and leaving him to rot for all the things they made him do. This human didn't care that if our power consumed him we would consume him and then become a part of us. This human didn't look guilty at all as they destroyed everything in their path.

When we consume the human and end up seeing their memories it made us see that, yes they are a cruel person. Yes, they did many bad things without feeling any remorse. Yet they did all of this because they loved their kingdom so much and when their kingdom stabbed them in the back and left them to die alone that made everything they did, in the end, mean nothing.

We didn't leave the dark space after that. We still give up our powers to people but we never did meet anyone else. We were just alone with all these humans with us. We learned many things from these humans yet it was never enough for us. We wanted to know more and see more.

We always felt like we were just half of a being. We feel as if there is something else out there that is a part of us. Yet we aren't able to find that piece because we are trapped in this dark space, never allowed to leave unless permitted by someone else.

So we stay in this dark space, alone for many years. We didn't know when we would get out of here or if we would see another human again. We were just here with nothing but our thoughts.

When we finally got out of the space again and we met a child… This child was such a lonely one. A child whose soul was in someone else's body… This child had so much darkness around her soul we were surprised that she was still normal.

We were curious about this child and wanted to know more about her. The child looked so lonely and we didn't want to leave her alone. We decided to leave her a gift of our magic stone. Our magic stone would help her with her magic and it would help us find her anywhere if we felt like she was in danger.

We would often spy on the girl in secret and saw how she lived. We noticed that she wasn't close with her 'family' and the cold look her 'family' gave her. We didn't understand why this 'family' hated her so much and we wanted to hurt them but we knew that would cause trouble for her.

We saw the child had a guard up against many other humans and didn't allow anyone too close to her. Yet we knew that the child wished she could allow someone in without worrying that they would hurt her. We wanted to take away this fear of hers but didn't know how…

This child is important to us. The humans we have in us also find her important. They want to always be with her and get rid of the things hurting her. Something about this child's soul is so tempting and alluring that it's hard to ignore her.

We often worry about the child when her emotions get out of control. We could feel her anger and how much she wanted to destroy everything in her path. We wanted to comfort her but with what words? We never were good at understanding emotions.

We wanted to protect the child so much… We didn't want her to be near the 'family' who only caused her pain. We hated seeing them upset. We only want them to be happy. But how can we make them happy?

We only seem to be good at making humans suffer and we don't want that. It is unfair that we are only a being of darkness… We don't want to be seen as someone who only causes suffering. We also want to be seen as someone who brings joy to human lives.

When our child was being hurt by a being who was like us but not a part of us. We felt so angry and wanted to destroy them. Why does harm come to our child? She never did anything wrong to anyone. Our child is the only light in our dark space.

Our child was so hurt by the things that were told to her and we didn't know what to say to her. None of the humans in us couldn't help out either. We simply left her to be found by another human and watched as they helped her…

We felt envious that someone else can help her while we could barely do anything. We can't close the gap between us. We are a being of darkness and she is a human. There is nothing about us that is alike and that is upsetting.

We just want to be able to help for once… We never ask to be like this. For once let us, be helpful and make us be able to protect this child. We don't want the child's soul to be devoured by the darkness surrounding her. We… We want to actually help this time. We want to be seen as a good thing for once and not a thing for destruction.

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