51 Who needs filters?

Even as the two blonde girls continued to shower him with praise and admiration, the silver-haired hero couldn't feel a single bit of happiness. He wouldn't even bother entertaining them if not for his luck being so down today.

He didn't even know their names. All he could recall was that they were from the Gregory family.

But aside from these two girls, most of the people who always followed him around like loyal little dogs all seemed adamant to keep their distance now. Amos didn't think he had done anything wrong, though he knew perhaps he should have been more subtle with his words.

Still, to think not only did he have to watch his mouth while at school, now he also had to do so in high society… Just how did things turn out like this?

He would be an idiot if he didn't realize it. "It's all because of that bitch!"

"Eh? Did something happen?"

"Is someone harassing you?"

It was only after the two sisters of the Gregory family expressed their concern did Amos realize he had slipped up and spoken his mind out loud.

"No, nothing."

If it had been before, he would really have openly expressed his hate without concern, and he knew he would have got affirmation as everyone denounced that little bitch.

'But today is that whore's day of glory, even these two airheaded bitches that have pestered me for so long might just change their face later.'

Since even his most loyal toadies could abandon him, how could he trust these fickle little bitches?

'Hmph. Let's see how long she can keep this farce up. Looking at her pretend to be kind and caring on the TV almost made me puke. That fucking vicious little bitch! Just wait till everyone sees your true colors!'

Of course, there were still many who believed in Amos, and still admired him. However, the current trend was heavily in favor of the White family, and they simply couldn't afford to stand by his side while he was so openly hostile to Emilia.

The seeds he had been sowing for so many years couldn't be uprooted so easily, after all. Even though Emilia had been put under the spotlight in a very positive way, not all eyes looked at her kindly.

One such group of four young boys and two girls was currently debating this very issue.

"Do you think they applied some beauty filters while showing her interview, or was that just makeup? I couldn't believe it when I saw it. Whenever Amos mentioned her, it always made me imagine her as a pretentious, ugly bitch."

"It's not much of a surprise, to be honest. Do you think all celebreties look so good in person? I've seen some stars, and they look nothing like they do when on the screen."

Theo hesitated for a while as his friends continued to badmouth the girl, but in the end he decided he might as well speak his mind.

"I know you guys like to follow him around, but I wouldn't be so sure about everything Amos said about her."

"Hey, don't blame it on us, we're just basing it off everything we heard. If you know something more, tell us."

Theo pushed his glasses up as he gave Amos a sidelong glance. 'That guy's fucking suspicious… I don't know why everyone trusts him so much. Anyway, it's good if this topic can open their eyes a little and make them trust him less.'

"As you know, my little sister got into the Imperial Academy this year, so she's is in her class. Guess what she told me?"

"Oh, let me guess, was it 'Big brother is a disgusting pervert'? Ahahahaha—"

His friend elbowed him on the side as he saw the bespectacled Theo's face rapidly turning dark.

"No, she told me that the girl looks like a fucking fairy or something. And I swear, just because I look like a nerd, doesn't mean I can't kick your fucking ass, okay?"

"Chill man, chill! Still, that's a good joke, right?"

"Ahahaha, I know… what's that, Bro? Even if the image on the TV wasn't filtered, she still just looks like a slightly prettier girl, nothing more. Your little sister should get her eyes checked."

"Hey! Don't badmouth my angel! I'll fucking rip out your tongue!"

"Shut up, you siscon."

Seeing how the situation was about to escalate, the others also started to intercede at that moment.

"Don't fight, guys."

"Right? If she actually looks that good, I doubt Amos can complain like that, unless he's an idiot. What's wrong? Why do you look so shocked?"

"T-Turn around…"

And as the rest of them turned around to face the hall's entrance, it was like they had been slapped across the face.

Because the girl in purple was unmistakably the very same one they had been badmouthing earlier, and just one look at her face was enough to make them look like morons.

It looked like the matter of the TV stations applying filters was confirmed, because if they didn't apply some uglifying filters to make her seem more realistic, just how could they justify what they were seeing right now?

With her purple halter-top dress perfectly complimenting her creamy, youthful skin, and her tasteful assortment of accessories, even if she had been average they would have found her pleasing to the eyes. But when combined with Emilia's face, the effect was almost lethal.

"Like I said, you overdid it way too much! Especially with the face. Look at those drooling little pigs, ah! You're not here to be recognized as the world's number one beauty, Emilia, you're here to destroy the plot!"

'Psh, small details. Anyway, I just made myself look slightly more like the real me. It's still within the range being passable as light makeup. How is that overdoing it?'

Cynthia was left speechless. Is her partner digging for praise? Because as the villainess system, there's no way she's gonna do it!

But looking at it again, she really couldn't argue with Emilia too much. Because if she looked at each of the details individually, her partner really didn't overdo it at all.

Her dress wasn't the most expensive in the hall. In fact, which of the rich missies in this place could be spotted wearing anything but a brand new, latest design? Even Dixie, who had been styled into a casual, boyish look, was donning a meticulously put-together outfit. And none of her clothing was probably ever going to be worn again.

As for her accessories, although they looked good, they were barely acceptable when considering her status, and definitely nothing worth boasting about. And her purple espadrille flats would definitely have become a joke on anyone else.

Even her face appeared to have only light makeup, although only Emilia and Cynthia knew that she wasn't wearing any at all. Why would she need to, when she had such a convenient shapeshift skill?

But the way Emilia put it all together was what made it all work. Especially the way she carried herself and the graceful and noble aura she projected made it so that the entire getup was elevated to another level.

Perhaps if she had been older, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise. Many movie queens and business ladies knew how to carry themselves well, and had dedicated teams of stylists intimately familiar with every one of their mannerisms and charms.

However, which one of these rich young men and women could boast about being able to do the same? Even the staunchest of Amos's admirers felt that they couldn't be compared to her at all. At least in terms of looks and aura, there was absolutely nothing to complain about.

'Amos is a fucking moron.'

That's what most of them were thinking.

And going by the hero's increasingly ugly face, he knew it very well.

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