60 Someone Picked the Wrong Side

"Wow… did you see that?!"

"Is she a gymnast?"

"Cheerleaders can also do that kind of thing, right?"

Among the younger generation, most had already been quite impressed by Emilia, and their impression of her only got deeper with her 'counterattack'. 

"I-I'm pretty sure that was a fluke, right?"

"Most likely, yeah. No, it definitely was a fluke. She just acted on instinct, it seems."

"What kind of 'instinct' is that?"

"Who knows? She was homeschooled by her family, right? Who knows what they taught her."

"She doesn't have any muscles to speak of, though, I doubt she knows any martial arts."

"Probably just basic training of gymnastics, or ballet, maybe?"

"Hmm… you might be right. Though I still think her leg muscles should be more prominent in that case. Her thighs are defined enough, though. Hm… maybe—"

"Sister… you're too obsessed with that girl's legs. Are you secretly a lesbian?"


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