Iris looked down on the notebook on her desk full of writings. She was having a headache with the bunch of problems that she needed to solved and planned. This story is really a trash for having so many plot holes!

After she talk to her father in the study, she immediately went to her room to plan and she didn't even went back to Miles room pet his head again! She really felt agrieved! In her last life, she and her family also is not harmonious her parents have over the top expectations and put a lot on pressure on her every actions! She didn't resent her siblings for being talented in academics, because she to is excellent in this field. But in her parents eyes, her achievements was nothing but a child's play compared to her siblings.

To stop the mental torture, she decided to break away from shackles of her family and be a professional painter and have a carefree peaceful life. Her journey towards being a world class painter is certainly not easy since she was alone, through countless hardwork and dedication she finally achieve her dream. But who knows shortly after she become famous painter, she died! Yes, died in her sleep! And she didn't even manage to paint another painting after her exhibition! Just by imagining the news about her death, she has an urged to vomit blood!

"FLASH NEWS: The Famous Painter of Bloodbath died in her sleep while reading a book! Is the famous novel 'Secret Charmer' a cursed book? Click the link for further news!"

"The Author of Secret Charmer finally speak up the book's conspiracy!"

And those hashtags from social media's makes her want to flip the table!

- #PitifulPainterDiedwhileReading#

- #PainterDiedinSleep#

- #SecretCharmerConspiracy#

She really has an impulsed to draw a circled in the corner and cursed whoever diety who killed her! On the otherhand she was also thankful for making her death painless and less humiliating than those who died while choking on their food! Anyways, she was not really mad about her death. She just somehow, melancholic? She didn't even managed to say to goodbye to her parents despite being having bad parental guidance or to her siblings who done nothing to work, work and work all the time. They maybe laughing on her funeral while delivering their speech!

Her mouth twitched in annoyance while imaging the most possible scenario of her death! She really want to give a 1 star review on how her past life was written!

Sigh! And she also wanted to sue the author of the trashy novel for making up such a wonderful story!

Anyways she was going off the track of the topic so Iris force herself to focused back on scribling things as well as making plans for the future. She really doesn't want to have Henrietta's route of life you know, she really doesn't want to have a demon lord who have twisted desires on her! Absolutely not!

First, try to go back to the boarding school in the north asap! Capital will going to have underwent changes from now on, and if she's going to stay here any more than a week she'll going to get stress! So she would stick to her vision and avoid the chaos at all cost!

Second, find the demon lord... From what she could remember from the book, he has a black hair comparable to an asian which is rare in this world and a blue or onyx eyes? She's not sure, although he was the main villian of the story his face is always wearing a mask so his facial description is a bit vague. Also the reason why the demon lord was in the black market is that he has an accident which the author didn't elaborate since she was focused on the main protagonist lovestory, ba!

So to find him is not easy, however she would just go to black market with her knight for security purposes to search for him as discreetly as possible. If she couldn't find him tommorow then its next day, until she finishes the whole week. Since Henrietta bought him just after a few days after her accident.

Then the next thing to do is... To help the demon lord?

This a bit a funny, in mangas and anime are usually Demon Lord the main character or the friend of the main character. But in here, she's going to the demon lord's baby sitter?

"P-Pardon me, l-lady Henrietta?" A fearful voice of a maid called Iris from her thoughts.

And without any thought, Iris replied almost immediately. "You really are bold to disturb me, no?"

After she spoke those words, Iris has the urged to bury her head on the desk in shame. She really doesn't like this golden finger of hers at all!

With a deep sigh Iris stand up and walk to the door, and opening it. "What is it?"

The sight of the body having grab my two maids greeted her vision, the pitiful boy look at her as if he was going to cry any time soon. She doesn't know why but her blood immediately boiled in anger upon seeing his pitiful appearance.

"All of you really wanted death no? Dare to covet this lady's thing is simply eager to have punishment?!" Iris voiced told them in anger.

Despite noticing the words she was spoken, Iris did not care. Between the boy and her words, she was concerned more in the boy's well-being.

With the sound of 'plop' the maids kneel down on the cold flower, begging for forgiveness. "P-please pardon us young lady, this boy wants to find you stubbornly. W-we know that you're resting so we dare not call you. However, h-he really wished to find you so..."

"Is that the truth? In the future, if he wants to find me just let him through directly! And I don't want to hear about someone bullying him, or they'll my experience wrath. Is that clear?"

"Y-yes lady!"

"Dismissed." She announced to them and then pulled the boy inside her room before locking her door.

Iris sighed, she really thought something happened to Miles, especially he was wounded. This... how did he get out of his bed so soon? Oh well, this is really not a question since this world is full of magical things. Maybe, Aida take him to the church to heal his severe wounds after I give him first aid. But he should be sleeping this time, not walking around. And those maids... well she would just silently light them a candle.

Iris immediately touched his head, "Miles, are you hurt somewhere?"

Miles just innocently shake his head in no, which made Iris release a sigh of relief. She immediately wiped the sweat in his forehead and fleshy cheeks. "You shouldn't run around you know, you should be recuperating from your wounds." Iris said in helplessness.

He tilted his head, "W-wounds?"

Iris smiled and stroke his head, "Yes wounds. So you should be sleeping now, okay?"

"O-okay..." He nodded earnestly.

"Do you want me to bring you to your room?"

Miles look down on his feet, "I don't want there..."

Iris was confused, "Why? Are you scared? Big boys shouldn't be scared, because they're strong!"

"Dark... I hate the dark..."

Looking at his pitiful appearance, she felt helpless. In this era, she knows that men and women shouldn't be on the same room especially if the doors were close. Although having a lover in nobility considered nothing unusual, the nobles adhered upright and righteous appearance so they don't want to have there lover's to be seen with them. It was considered a taboo, and once you're caught in act they'll denounced you as wild and bold as if they themselves don't have any affair.

To Iris, hypocrisy has been ingrained on the bones of nobility. No, not just among nobility but also civilians. Even the ever beloved daughter of heavens the main protagonist, is also a hypocrite hiding on her angelic face. She may not say it but she hate nobles because she had been a lowborn, she was scorned and bullied by nobility for being an illegitimate child, but look at her now... she doesn't even mind being a crown princess. Truly spectacular! Now that Iris realized how humorous this story was, it doesn't seems bad being transmigrated here. Atleast she had an interesting entertainment, a lovely play of bullied miss to a hypocrite Queen, really good!

Although she couldn't deny that some point on her life, she may have been a hypocrite too. Nothing is unusual about it though. As a human being we have our own darksides, why bother hiding it? To make people around you, sees you as pure and saintly person? Oh yeah, she forgot, it was hypocrisy.

She stared at the young boy for a few seconds before sighing. This body and the young boy has 3 year age gap, Miles is like a little brother whether in the past life or in this life. But other people may not see this the same way as she do.

Yeah, little brother... little brother whom had she kissed!?

Now that she recalled what happened earlier, she suddenly felt that she was scum for coveting a young grass. She even want to kiss him again for the second time after kissing him once!

Well she just helping him. Yeah, just helping him, not really intenional! Iris convince herself. Sadly, no matter how she told herself that it was all for the sake of helping someone, her sense of pride nagged her to take responsibility!

Raise the childbride or be a scum? Urgent help needed!

Iris head was in chaotic at the level of super typhoon! If she would be ask where she is now, she would absolutely say that she's on north despite being on south! Unknown to her in the future, she would eat what she had been said today.

"S-sleepy..." The young boy said as he blink the tears on his eyes.

Finally her fragile resistance like a flimpsy thread was broken, just like that. Truly worthy of being a face-con! Iris finally agreed after she gone through countless nonsense thoughts. Well, her reputation had already bad so why not add it a bit no?

"Okay, okay you would sleep here with me tonight. But after this you should sleep in your room, understood?"

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The young boy nodded, "En."

Iris smiled and stoke his head a few times but she somehow stop thinking that she have forgot something. "Have I given my name already?"

Miles blinked at her a few times before shaking his head.

She nodded, "Well, I probably forgot it earlier. You can call me Iris."






"Yes, yes. We should sleep now, okay?"

And just like that they sleep together--no, correction, only Miles sleep sweetly. Iris on the otherhand was experiencing sleeping on countless needles on her soft warm bed, simply uncomfortable! As a face-con herself, she know that her resistance towards good-looking person is non-existent. In her bed, she realized that she let a boy in her bed but didn't actively object on it. Although after that realization, she immediately tossed it at the back of her mind.

The night drifted fast and it was morning again. The twittering of the birds and the call of the roster wake up the people sleeping on thier warm nest.


Demon Lord's Diary Entry #1:

We, the Demon Lord's usually don't keep journals on our daily life since we have long lifespan. But somehow, when I met her I unconsciously started a habit of writing our daily life. A habit that I gladly indulged...

Thinking back on our first meeting, what does my wifey think of me? Is she thinking me as a husband material? Certainly so, since I am more capable and handsome than that wimpy kid Augustine! So hateful! If I realy see him one day again, I will really erased his kingdom on the face of this world!!!

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